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All Saints Update

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  • Springtime in Nursery

    Spring has sprung in Nursery! The students in Nursery have spent the past few weeks learning all about springtime. They studied plants, flowers, and butterflies. After various hands-on lessons and activities, Nursery students can to put together and sequence the life cycle of a butterfly - and can label the parts of a butterfly. The class has fifteen caterpillars that will soon emerge from their cocoons, and the students are looking forward to seeing them spread their wings and fly! 

    Nursery students have also been busy getting their hands dirty during their planting & flower unit. They learned about the life cycle of a plant, as well as what a plant needs to grow. The class helped plant string bean seeds and Alyssum flower seeds; they have been busy watering, watching, and can’t wait to see everything bloom! The string beans will go to the food insecure in town and the flowers will hopefully make our wonderful community smile when they walk by! 
  • Kindergarten Farm Researchers

    Kindergarten students developed into skilled researchers this year. To celebrate a (modified) Farm Day, students spent time researching farm animals. In the process, they learned about internet safety and digital citizenship – lessons that will help them for years to come. 

    Their research yielded an in-depth collection of interesting facts about their assigned farm animals, which they compiled onto a website and into a digital book. The students, dressed in their best overalls and straw hats, became “farmers,” and filmed their reports, which were shared with the class and families. 

    Here are some fun facts shared by the Kindergarten class:
    Chickens can be hypnotized! 
    Alpacas spit when they are annoyed! 
    Mother pigs sing to their piglets! 
    Rabbits can run almost as fast as lions!  


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    Family Portrait Fundraiser with Hartshorn Portraiture

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    School Closed

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    Admissions - Virtual Information Session

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    Alumni Reception

  • Jun

    Last Day of School (Nursery-Grade 7)

  • Jun

    Mission Awards Ceremony

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