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All Saints Update

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  • Congratulations Class of 2021

    Congratulations to our Class of 2021 for their stellar high school acceptances!  Our fifteen graduates-to-be received offers of admission from 23 schools, adding The Hewitt School and Trevor Day School to ASEDS’s already robust list. Several students received multiple merit scholarships, a testament to their hard work and to the All Saints experience.

    Each year our students explore a wide array of schools, and even in the pandemic the trend continues.  Our 2021 graduates were accepted into the following schools (bold indicates schools to which student/s will be matriculating):

    Academy of the Holy Angels, Avenues: The World School, The Calhoun School, Columbia Grammar &
    Preparatory School, Convent of the Sacred Heart, Dwight-Englewood School, Friends Seminary, Grace Church, The Hewitt School, High Tech High School, The Hudson School, Léman Manhattan Preparatory School, Loyola School, Marymount School, The Nightingale Bamford School, Notre Dame School, The
    Packer Collegiate Institute, St. Dominic Academy, St. Peter’s Preparatory School, Seton Hall Preparatory School, Trevor Day School, Xavier High School, York Preparatory School
  • Phys Ed Remains Vital Part of Curriculum

    Several adjustments were made to the Physical Education curriculum because of the pandemic. Limited space and lack of shared equipment challenged us to be open-minded and creative with lessons. While it was difficult to teach and assess motor skills like catching and kicking online, more students developed great exercise habits during this year. 

    Students participated in many virtual games such as Fitness Jeopardy, Fitness Matching Game, Would You Rather Workout, Riddle Fit and much more. They loved the competitive, at-home scavenger hunts. 

    At school, we took advantage of off-campus fields for games - such as Capture the Flag and Relay Races - to be played at safe distances. Students were also able to improve on techniques and skills in basketball, hockey, kickball, and baseball. Many of the games were modified, with students bringing in their own equipment, using personal pool noodles and a beach ball during hockey, and even playing kickball with no hands. 

    Students improved their stamina and muscular endurance. Middle School students ran a timed mile throughout the year. Almost all improved on their time after each run. 

    As with every year, our students are excited for the annual All Saints Olympics. The Olympics and Field Day will be modified to follow all guidelines, but our goal is to have the entire school compete, work together and have fun!