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All Saints Update

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  • Application Deadline - January 3

    We are accepting applications for the 2022-2023 school year through Monday, January 3.

    All Saints Episcopal Day School is a diverse community committed to academic excellence and social responsibility for students from Nursery to Grade 8.

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  • Middle School Students Present at Annual Leadership Summit

    Every year, our Middle School students participate in the Month of the Young Adolescent (MOTYA).  It is an opportunity for children, age 10-15 years old, to work on important issues in their community and throughout the world.  The event culminates with our annual Leadership Summit, during which the students share their work and ideas to address their concerns to parents and community leaders.

    In the past, All Saints students, through the MOTYA Leadership Summit, have positively impacted the community and made significant change within Hoboken – successfully getting “No Smoking” signs placed in Hoboken parks, influencing the city in banning plastic bags, and advocating for more public spaces for students to gather.  

    This year, our students focused their work on climate change.  During the Leadership Summit, they shared about the importance of animal sanctuaries in preserving biodiversity and conserving land, the impact of plastics on ocean life, the ways that food access and insecurity are affected by climate change, and the anxieties that young adolescents experience around climate change. It is their hope that the community will be inspired by their work and enacts meaningful change.