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All Saints Update

List of 2 news stories.

  • In-Person Enrichment is Back

    After a year of virtual participation, our Enrichment Program is back to in-person instruction.  Most classes will take place outside, weather permitting, with safety protocols – including masking, distancing, and maintaining cohorts - in place when sessions need to be held indoors. 

    Our Enrichment Program is a convenient way for students to “get their feet wet” by trying a new activity and also offers opportunities for those seeking more focused study. Our fall program includes a variety of courses to encourage student interest and development in soccer, running, art, dance, and STEM. 
  • All Saints is Ready for the New School Year

    There’s no doubt about it - the COVID-19 health crisis has been a prolonged challenge impacting just about every aspect of community life.

    As we approach the new school year, we have so much to be grateful for. Vaccines are now available for ages 12 and up, and all reports suggest that younger children will be able to be vaccinated in the near future. New treatments are available for those who contract the illness. And we have all learned to live with measures to keep ourselves safe. Despite these important developments, however, the COVID-19 virus remains a serious health concern that requires our continued vigilance. Make no doubt about it, All Saints Episcopal Day School will get through this the way we make our make through all challenges - together!

    Here are some of the highlights of changes we are making for the new school year:
    •    All students in-person five days per week
    •    Suspension of full remote learning option
    •    Limited sharing of essential materials for learning & play 
    •    Students/staff masked indoors, unmasked outside
    •    3 ft of space indoors for instructional time, 6ft of space indoors for eating
    •    Daily screening protocols remain in place
    •    Onsite weekly optional testing
    •    Stringent cleaning protocols remain in place
    •    Gym and Movement Space re-opened for student activity

    While we all hoped to be further along in the resolution of this pandemic by this point, we cannot lose sight of how far we have come, and how much we have learned. We have so much to be grateful for - the strength of our wonderful community being at the top of the list!