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All Saints Update

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  • Celebrating 100th Day of School

    As we celebrate the 100th day of this unprecedented school year, we look back at our community for helping us continue to thrive over the past several months – watch here.
  • All Saints Celebrates Reading Olympics

    Every winter, the All Saints dedicates six weeks to the Reading Olympics. This reading campaign signifies to students the importance or reading and is designed to support growth in reading at all levels. Students are encouraged to read whatever interests them- fiction, non-fiction, comics, mysteries, fantasy, historical fiction. The goal is to get everyone reading and challenge themselves! 

    All students participate in the school-wide read; this year The Tale of Despereaux was chosen; participate in a read-a-thon, invite guest readers to class, and several other reading-related activities.  In addition, all students are challenged to read daily to meet the goal of earning a gold, silver, or bronze medal. Students may read, be read to by parents and other family members, as well as complete reading-related assignments. The amount of minutes spent reading by the class as a whole is recorded and displayed throughout the campaign. 

    Each class celebrates the completion of Reading Olympics in its own way. Early Childhood students invite family members to a ceremony (this year will be done via Zoom, of course!) at which they are awarded their medals, share their favorite books, and sing a song. Older students participate in a raffle (students are challenged to read from a different genre each week and earn a raffle ticket); the winner receives a book aligning with their reading interests. The annual Reading Olympics fosters a connection to reading, which we hope will last throughout their lives. 


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  • Mar

    Spring Auction (Virtual)

  • Apr

    School Closed for Students

  • Apr

    School Closed for Spring Break

  • May

    School Closed

  • Jun

    Alumni Reception

  • Jun

    Grade 8 Graduation

  • Jun

    Last Day of School (Nursery-Grade 7)

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