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All Saints Update

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  • Students Analyze the Universal Declaration of Human Rights

    For the Grade 8 interdisciplinary milestone project, students are currently analyzing the effectiveness of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR) through a careful examination of human rights violations that have occurred since this document was adopted. 

    This study began by examining World War II through the lens of human rights violations, looking at both the Holocaust via Anne Frank: The Diary of A Young Girl and human rights issues related to the internment of American citizens of Japanese, German, and Italian descent as well as the lasting impact of the decision to drop the atomic bomb. Students then selected an individual topic to study in greater depth, such as red-lining, transgender rights, human rights issues in North Korea, and the US prison system. Using a memoir related to this issue as well as research, students selected four articles from the UDHR that have been violated and wrote an analytic research essay. 

    Based on this work, students will be creating artwork, in the style of a 20th Century artist, that depicts an aspect of their selected human rights issue and will also be writing a proposal for a new agreement aimed at protecting human rights that addresses the shortcomings of the UDHR. Through this project, students demonstrate their ability to transfer information and skills between the disciplines of Language and Literature (English) and Individuals and Societies (History), which supports the development of their critical thinking and provides vital skills for their success in high school, as they tackle more challenging material.
  • Parent Celebrates School's IB Authorization

    My son is a Sixth Grader at All Saints Episcopal Day School, and I am writing to highlight the school’s recent authorization as an International Baccalaureate (IB) Middle Years Programme World School. It’s an incredible accomplishment within this community.

    IB is an internationally recognized program of study that is offered by elite schools around the world. The program emphasizes intellectual challenge and develops creative, critical, and reflective thinkers. Research has shown that students in an IB Middle Years Programme outperform non-IB students in crucial academic skills.

    As a former IB student, I can certainly attest to its academic rigor — and I am thrilled to have my son immersed in such a program. I feel it’s important that other families in Hoboken realize this academic gem within our Mile Square City.

    I asked my son recently what he thought of the IB program. He said there is a lot of homework, but he is learning by doing and really likes it. He noted that teachers use hands-on activities to help him connect what he’s learning in the classroom to the larger world. As a parent, that is wonderful to hear. I can tell that my son is engaged and building confidence through the IB program.

    I have no doubt that the IB Middle Years Programme at All Saints is preparing my son for high school and beyond. Imagine this: every day after school my son comes home and works quietly at the dinner table until his assignments are done. All Saints has taught him to take responsibility of his own education. We’ve never had to nag him about doing homework, not once. He manages his own learning. That’s amazing, if you ask me.


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