Let’s Be All In for All Saints

Guest Blog: Catherine Kelly, Annual Fund Co-Chair | Volume: 7 Issue: 15 | June 5, 2018
It seems like just moments ago, our children started the 2017-2018 school year.  And now, here we are, already well into the first week of June, which is surely a crazy and exciting month for everyone.  While the last day of school is only a week away, I’d like to remind our All Saints families that The Fund for All Saints campaign does continue through the end of the month.  For those of you who have already made a gift to our amazing school - Thank You!  And if you haven’t had the opportunity to contribute, please strongly consider joining this important effort prior to June 30th.

Please know that every gift counts. Regardless of size, each donation brings us that much closer to the ultimate goal of 100% parent participation.  Every donation truly matters. If the teachers and staff of All Saints can achieve a participation rate of 100%, then we, as parents, should certainly step up and do the same!

Earlier in the year, you all received a mailer outlining the purpose of The Fund for All Saints.  Most notably, the fund serves to bridge the gap between tuition and the actual cost of an All Saints education. While the proceeds from our Spring Auction are earmarked for specific initiatives (a Media Commons, the Arts, STEM) The Fund for All Saints money is needed to make our school great, day after day, year after year.  These funds ensure that both students and teachers have the latest academic tools and cutting edge technology.  They are used for facility improvements, enhanced programming and even learning outside the classroom. Most importantly, The Fund for All Saints allows us to attract and retain the very best teachers with competitive salary and benefits packages.

On a personal note, I make a contribution to The Fund for All Saints every year because I love All Saints.  And my kids love All Saints.  Quite frankly, they could attend school anywhere and learn to read and write, at least reasonably well. Public, private, charter…it wouldn’t matter.  They could figure out multiplication and division, grammar and vocabulary, science and history.  At All Saints, however, they’re learning so much more.  This is a school that teaches our children how to be kind, how to be empathetic, how to be conscientious and responsible members of society.  They are encouraged to be good people - to think beyond themselves and to care about their peers, their community and the world as a whole.  For seven years, I have dropped them off each morning, with the wonderful feeling that they will be nurtured, inspired and cared for by the most awesome teachers and staff.  I want to support the people and the school who do so much, every day, to support my children.

Gifts to The Fund for All Saints can be made online or by check.