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Stewardship, Service and School Supplies

Jill Singleton | Volume: 7 Issue: 11 | April 11, 2018
This week we entered into our Spirituality theme of Stewardship and Service, which we continue through early May. During this time we are challenged to think about how our spiritual identities compel us to use our gifts and talents in service to others and the world. Events at school that highlight this theme include a variety of Earth-related projects and activities, as well as a school supply drive to benefit children at Amigo Guia, an afterschool program for underprivileged children in Sangolqui, Ecaudor that our Eighth Graders will visit as part of their student exchange program.

When Ms. Vino and I first visited Amigo Guia in 2011 to plan the trip that has become a capstone experience at our school, we asked the administrators there what they needed. Expecting answers such as computers and televisions, we were enormously humbled by their simple requests: “Would you be able to bring us some paper and pencils?” they asked.

Despite the fact that we’ve been to Amigo Guia six times since then, and have seen firsthand the joy and delight on the children’s faces when we bring them paper and pencils of many colors as well as glitter, glue, and scissors (to name just a few of the treasures we’ve collected), I was reminded this past week of just how precious these supplies are.

During my trip to El Salvador and Guatemala in search of an additional exchange opportunity for our students, I was at a department store,  waiting on line to pay for something I was purchasing. It was four o’clock in the afternoon, and a young child was in front of me. She was about nine years old, and was wearing her school uniform. The thing that gave me pause was her purchase: a single piece of white paper. I couldn’t help but notice how careful the cashier was being as she placed the paper in a plastic bag, being careful not to wrinkle it. As the child reached into her pocket for the coin she would exchange for her paper, I was reminded by the request made by the directors of Amigo Guia so many years ago: “Would you be able to bring us some paper and pencils?”

The sight of this child alone, purchasing a piece of paper she likely needed in order to complete her homework for the day, ignited in me an even stronger desire to bring more supplies to the children at Amigo Guia. As Eighth Graders conduct their drive at school, I invite parents and families to consider contributing to this important effort by going through some supplies with your child(ren) at home. Might you have some art or office supplies that are not needed, or could be spared for the children who will become friends with our Eighth Graders in just three short weeks? If you prefer to make a financial donation, that’s okay, too – just click here. Our Eighth Graders will happily do the shopping!

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