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Sharing Our Awe & Wonder

Jill Singleton | Volume: 7 Issue: 4 | Dec. 13, 2017
This year's Awe & Wonder season provided many opportunites for students and teachers to reflect on ways in which we are all a part of a wonder-filled world. From everyday sights and occurences, to extraordinary, awe-inspiring curiosities, each day provided fodder for our reverence and imaginations. Check out some sample student work below and get prepared to make room for your childhood sense of wonder to break through.

Here are some wonder-filled things students in Grade 2 East chose to celebrate through sculpture. These pieces were gifted to our commuinity in our Celebration Gathering.

Max's Lady Liberty is a true wonder!

I absolutely love this rendition of Stonehenge.

Maggie captured a wonder shared by many!

I hope you enjoy this storybook created by Fourth Grade NW!

This video, created by Grade 6, was a true crowd pleaser!

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