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A Vibrant Start to a New Year!

Jill Singleton | Volume: 7 Issue: 1 | September 13, 2017
The crisp fall air served as a fitting context for our joyful return to school. After a lovely, relaxing summer, it was wonderful to see so many happy faces return, or join us for the first time. The revival of our Back-to-School BBQ was a big hit and earned rave reviews from students and families alike.

One of the things I enjoy most about working in schools is the feeling of a clean slate in September – a sort of empty canvas on which the year’s “masterpiece” can unfold. And this year’s Arts Initiative, funded with proceeds raised at last year’s Auction, is sure to yield quite a canvas!  Ms. Therres and others have done a wonderful job setting the stage for a rich year of learning and exploration. Our Summer Teacher Retreat got the creative juices flowing, and teachers are eager to experiment with ways in which the arts can enhance and enrich classroom learning.

In addition, a whole host of providers have been hired to expand the breadth of artistic offerings. Students in Grades 1-8 were introduced to some of these opportunities during club selection this week. Artists-in Residence from a variety of organizations are partnering with teachers to provide a number of artistic options, including visual arts from Urban Arts, Irish dance with Keri Smith Academy, modern dance with Carolyn Dorfmann, vocal music with Garden Street School of the Performing Arts, drumming with Musical IQ, drama with our beloved director, Jessica McCuiston, from Hoboken Children’s Theater (author of Teaching Drama to Little Ones) and comic book creation with Dean of Students Noah Guzman.

Middle School students will also be using Month of the Young Adolescent as a vehicle for exploring opportunities for the expansion of art in public spaces in our community, and Fourth Graders will be working on a project with Mosaic Glassworks.

Students in our Early Childhood Division (Grades N, Pre-K and K), will be receiving their music instruction this year through Musical IQ, and will also benefit from guest artists throughout the year. Ms. Elizabeth Silva, our new music teacher for Grades 1-8, is excited about developing a program designed to introduce students to such instruments as drums, recorder, ukele, and keyboard.

As rich and vibrant as this picture seems at this early stage, this is only the “pencil outline” of this year’s masterpiece – stay tuned for the vivid colors yet to be brushed!

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