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Eighth Graders Receive High School Acceptances

Jill Singleton | Volume: 6 Issue: 20 | June 14, 2017
Students and families approached the high school placement process with grace and great care, and the results are impressive. One student received a full merit based scholarship (St. Peter’s Prep), and four of our sixteen graduates will be the first All Saints alumni attending their respective high schools - three of which are boarding schools (EF Academy, The Pennington School, and West Nottingham Academy).

Below is the full list of schools to which this year’s class was accepted (those indicated with an * denote a school that a graduate will attend next year):
The Dublin School
The Dwight School (NYC)
EF Academy*
Elisabeth Irwin High School (LREI)*
Grace Church High School*
High Tech High School*
The Hudson School
Léman Manhattan Preparatory School*
Oratory Preparatory School
The Pennington School*
St. Benedict’s Preparatory School*
St. Peter’s Preparatory School*
Seton Hall Preparatory School*
West Nottingham Academy*
Xavier High School*
York Preparatory School

A lot of work goes into results such as these. I’d like to thank Amina O’Kane, our Director of Admissions and High School Placement, and her team of case managers for their intensive work with students and families. Ms. O’Kane works hard to ensure that our school is well connected and highly regarded in the world of independent schools through intentional networking, including visits to area high schools, representing our school in various forums, and arranging for Directors of Admission to visit All Saints and our students.
At All Saints, we approach the high school placement process with great care. Borrowing from a popular philosophy among college counselors, we believe that “High school is a match to be made, not a prize to be won.” Just as each student brings a unique set of gifts to a school, each school has a unique “personality,” and finding the right fit is critical to a student’s success. Feedback from schools to which our earlier graduates have been admitted has been overwhelmingly positive - our students have shown that they are academically and socially prepared for the rigors of high school. With the solid foundation they are receiving at All Saints, our graduates will continue to find high schools that will help them become the amazing leaders and scholars they are destined to be.
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