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What’s for Lunch?

Jill Singleton | Volume: 6 Issue: 15 | Feb. 1, 2017
In addition to his many achievements, Orson Welles is credited with this quote: “Ask not what you can do for your country. Ask what's for lunch.”

Each year when students run for election to serve in our Student Government Association, you can be sure that the topic of lunch is going to be raised.  I think we all agree – parents, students, teachers and staff alike – that we have yet to find an ideal lunch option. I think we all fantasize about the possibility of having our very own in-house hot lunch program. It’s not hard for me to imagine…11:45 and the smell of home-cooked food wafting up from the kitchen. Ahh…a girl can dream, can’t she?

This year I have the pleasure of serving as Advisor to the Student Government Association, and together we are trying once again to see if we can come up with some additions or alternatives to our current lunch programs. The student officers have shown tremendous initiative, and identified a provider who came in to offer a taste test of their foods. While the food was tasty, the students were disappointed that only “kid friendly” foods were offered, which meant too much starch and not enough protein and vegetables. I am so impressed that our students are seeking healthy alternatives to fish and chips, macaroni and cheese, tater-tots and pancakes.

“We are looking for healthy food that is affordable and enjoyable,” explained Vivian, the SGA Secretary.  “Students are interested in eating foods that taste good and are healthy options.”

We are thrilled that the Parents’ Association is reaching out to see if there are any parents who can volunteer to partner with our Student Government officers on this important project. If you are interested in working with our passionate students, please contact Amber Nugent at amber.nugent@gmail.com or Laura Coraci at lmcoraci@gmail.com.

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