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A Teacher Shares Her Sense of Wonder

Guest Blog: Carrie Wachtler | Volume: 6 Issue: 11 | Nov. 30, 2016
As we begin our new spirituality season of Awe and Wonder, I was really taken with the story that Ms. Wachtler shared in our Spirituality Assembly, and asked her permission to share it with you here. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did! – Jill Singleton

When I was asked to write a story for our new theme awe and wonder, I asked my students what are some things that you wonder about? Some responses were How does Santa fit through the chimney? Why is the sky blue? How was water made? When I go to college, will I go during the nighttime?

These responses made me think back to when I was in First Grade. What were the things that I used to wonder about? I remember also wondering, “How does Santa and the Easter Bunny get into my house to leave presents without waking anyone up?” I remember also wondering about my future. “What will I be when I grow up? Will I go to college? Will I be famous?” But the one thing that I wondered about the most was will I be able to play soccer when I get older.

At age 4, I began my soccer career. I became interested in soccer when I saw the Brazil men’s soccer team playing on T.V. I was in awe of how much fun it looked! I remember begging my parent’s everyday to let me play soccer, until they finally gave in and signed me up!

I played on an all boys team for many years since there were not any girl soccer teams around yet. I would remind myself to stay positive when some of the boys were not very nice to me and said that soccer was a sport only for the boys. As I got older, I continued playing while telling myself that if the boys can play soccer, so can I. I never gave up and continued to play with only the boys for several years. I would practice everyday afterschool. I would go home and practice dribbling my soccer ball up and down my driveway and shoot goals into my mini-net that my father had bought for me. When my friends would ask to have playdates I would suggest that we play soccer. For more than 10 years in a row, I had a soccer-themed birthday party!

I continued to wonder and remain hopeful that one day girls soccer would become popular. After many years of playing with the boys, my wish came true! Girls’ soccer has finally caught on and become a sport! The United States announced the there will now be a professional women’s soccer team. My favorite player on the women’s team was Mia Hamm. I remember wishing that one day I could grow up and be just like her!

The following year I was lucky enough to find a soccer camp that Mia Hamm was coaching. I was so excited when I heard that my parents had signed me up for camp and I was going to be allowed to go and train with one of my idols for a whole week! At the end of the week, Mia Hamm signed a soccer ball for me. I put this ball on a shelf on my room and before I went to bed every night I would look at this ball and wonder to myself if one day I would become a professional soccer player like Mia Hamm.

I ended up receiving a scholarship to the college that I had always wanted to go to for women’s soccer.

Be sure to always keep your sense of wonder because dreams do come true!