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Investing In Our Community

Guest Blog: Catherine Kelly & Lisa Wheeler | Volume: 6 Issue: 9 | Nov. 16, 2016

We are absolutely thrilled to be your Co-Chairs for The Fund for All Saints. Our mission is to educate the All Saints community about the importance of this effort and we aspire to get *everyone* involved this year. Previously our parent participation rate hovered around 70%, which is good...but we are confident we are better than that. We can be 100%.

To that end, we wanted to share some of the reasons why we support The Fund for All Saints and also answer some questions that often come up about the Annual Fund.

Why We Give
Beginning with our children’s first year at All Saints and continuing each year since, we are thankful for the thoughtfulness of our teachers and the way they make an effort to get to know our children and our families. What strikes us even more each year is the way the older children genuinely care and take time to help the younger children. The interaction among classes starts with reading buddies, but continues through community interaction at events like Celebration Assemblies, Fourth Grade School Store, School Plays, Empty Bowls, and Parents Night Out, when the older kids take younger kids into their care.

One way that has helped reinforce what we already knew, was attending an Eighth Grade Graduation ceremony.  Not only have we been impressed with the academic achievements of these young men and women, but we have been amazed at the diversity of talent in music, math, arts, dance and the confidence in delivering their speeches and the thoughtfulness of their words about All Saints, their classmates and teachers.

By graduation, these kids are more than ready for the next important chapter in their education, and that is why We Give to the Annual Fund: so that when our children reach Eighth Grade, they will benefit from the retention of our intelligent, caring and dedicated teachers, our diversified programs, and the sense of community that is instilled from an early age and prepares them for all that lies ahead. Our kids are learning to care for others, to be confident and to be socially responsible contributors to the community.  

If you're like us, then you love our school, you love our teachers and you most certainly love your children. Please support our amazing, unique community and our phenomenal teachers and staff by donating to this year's Annual Fund. It's not about the amount you are able to give; rather, the key is having ALL parents participate. Let's come together and ensure that All Saints can continue to attract such exceptional educators. Our collaboration will guarantee that teachers always have first-rate resources, and our children have the very best academic experience (in the most caring and wonderful environment!).

Our kids are receiving so much more than just an academic education….that’s Why We Give.

What is The Fund for All Saints?
Simply put, the Annual Fund is the school’s largest philanthropic campaign.  All Saints follows the funding model of most independent schools, in which the operating budget is supported through tuition dollars and tax-deductible donations made through the Annual Fund.

What does the Annual Fund support?
The Annual Fund supports operating costs of the school. The fund directly helps All Saints develop and pursue excellence in all areas, including:
  • Attracting and retaining bright and dedicated faculty and staff with comprehensive compensation and benefits packages;
  • Offering service projects inside and outside the classroom that reinforce the curriculum and strengthen the weekly Spirituality themes;
  • Enriching the All Saints experience by extending financial aid to deserving families that could not otherwise afford full tuition;
  • Providing leadership opportunities for students across all grades, preparing them for life beyond All Saints;
  • Enhancing learning experiences in aesthetically-pleasing, modern facilities with the latest, age-appropriate technology.
Why doesn’t the school just raise tuition?
The Annual Fund keeps our tuition competitive and within reach of more families, while also offering the opportunity for those who wish to make a tax-deductible donation. The All Saints experience is enhanced by the Annual Fund and our students benefit from a well-rounded and diverse community to support their learning and development.

Why is it important to have all parents participate in the Annual Fund?
100% parent participation is key to our financial sustainability.  It demonstrates to other donors the commitment the parents have towards the school, which in turn, attracts new funders.

What if I prefer to support the Auction?
The annual Spring Auction is a great way to support the school.  The funds raised support new initiatives at the school like STEM, robotics, and financial literacy.  However, it is through the Annual Fund that these initiatives are sustained year after year.  While we hope you support both, if you can only make one gift, we ask that you make the Annual Fund your priority.

Please join us in investing in our community by supporting The Fund for All Saints this year.