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Take Advantage of a “Parents’ Night Out” this Friday!

Head of School: Jill Singleton | Volume: 6 Issue: 8 | November 2, 2016

Parents won’t want to miss the chance to take advantage of this year’s first Parents’ Night Out taking place this Friday, November 4th, at 707 Washington Street.  This popular All Saints tradition features Eighth Graders (with help from teachers and staff) as “event hosts” who will be serving dinner and running a variety of indoor games and activities before a special viewing of… Robots – a story about a small town robot who heads to the big city where he learns that anyone can shine, no matter what they’re made of.

"What a wonderful excuse to catch up with some school families for a drink, enjoy a date night or have a massage,” said Jill Preston, who has supported Parents’ Night Out for a number of years. “One of my friends once sent her children so she had a few quiet hours at home to clean out their closets! Whatever your plans, it's even more fun knowing the kids are having a special night with their friends and that you are benefitting a great cause." Jill has children in Grades 1, 4 and 7.

Also, for parents of students at the St. Nicholas Center, Parents’ Night Out is a great way for their children to spend time with older students at 707 Washington Street - “the Big School.”

In addition to providing parents and children with a chance for socializing and enjoyment, the event raises funds to support our service projects in Ecuador.  When our Eighth Graders go to Ecuador in May, they will visit an after school program called Amigo Guia, which provides academic support and enrichment to children who would otherwise be forced to earn money for their family by selling goods on the streets, as well as classes for parents about the importance of education. The children at Amigo Guia are always happy to spend time with our students, and of course enjoy the school supplies and educational materials we are able to bring as a result of the money raised at Parents’ Night Out and other fundraising events.
“Our kids always love to attend Parents’ Night Out and always give us very firm instructions each time that we cannot pick them up until the very end,” said Alex Douklias, who has children in Kindergarten, Third Grade and Fifth Grade. “We never miss it - plus it helps the grade 8’s raise money for their trip to Ecuador so it is no brainer.  We wish it was held monthly!!”

Students at all grade levels have fond memories of attending Parents’ Night Out. “When I was in Second Grade, I went to Parents Night Out and had fun playing board games,” said Sixth Grader Gretchen.  “In Third Grade, I went to Parents Night Out and bonded with my friends in Fourth and Fifth Grade,” said Jackie, currently in Seventh Grade.  “I had a lot of fun!”

Maybe there’s a restaurant you’ve been dying to try, or friends you’re overdue for visiting.  Or, maybe you just want some quiet time at home. Whatever your fancy, be sure to take advantage of this fabulous school event. Your children will thank you, our Eighth Graders will thank you, and you will be glad you supported this event!   

Register your child(ren) today!

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