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Raising Compassionate & Effective Leaders: Student Government Association

Head of School: Jill Singleton | Volume: 6 Issue: 5 | October 5, 2016
One of the things I am most excited about this year is serving as the faculty leader for the Student Government Association (SGA). At All Saints, the mission of the SGA is, “To provide leadership and to improve the quality of life for all members of the ASEDS community through the design and implementation of student-driven changes and activities.”

At All Saints, we seek to nurture leaders who lead with their heads and their hearts, who approach change with a positive attitude and a sense of optimism, and who seek to include a diversity of thoughts and perspectives as they engage in productive problem solving. Further, one of the most significant lessons members of the SGA learn is the importance of listening; as elected representatives for their community, SGA officers have a responsibility to listen to the assortment of ideas and opinions held by the people who voted them into office. Finally, members of the SGA are expected to lead by example, and to serve as role models for the rest of the student body – being respectful at all times, and treating every member of our community with the dignity that they deserve. As Albert Schweitzer said, "Example is not the main thing in influencing others. It is the only thing."

Elections for the SGA were held today. I am pleased to share the results of that election, and excerpts from student speeches, below.  

President: Lucy Preston, Grade 7
This school is a huge part of all of our lives and I want to make it the best place it can be….not only for us, but for the faculty, admin, and for future generations. However, this is not my school, it is our school.  I want it to be a special experience for each student. I will not only be the student government president, but I will also be a friend. I want to hear your voice; I want everyone to feel like a part of student government because everyone is an important member of this amazing community. Vote Lucy for experience, action, and representation.

Vice President: Kofi Oduro-Manu, Grade 7
You know, being in government - any government - to serve demands a lot of hard work, and I promise to do just that. I will always be here to listen to your concerns and to make this school better than it ever was.  I am asking for your vote for VP of the student council. I love this school, I want to be helpful and I want us all to build memories we'll remember and treasure forever. And we will take All Saints to greater heights, so That’s why I hope you will vote for me as your Student Government Vice President, so that together we will take our beloved All Saints to greater heights. YOUR VOICE COUNTS! VOTE FOR KOFI!!

Treasurer: Sophia Tully, Grade 7
I will also try my best to implement other activities that foster school spirit such as winter field days, baking dog treats to help shelter animals in need as well as push for more arts programs. I will try my hardest along with the other student council members, as well as the admin team to implement these things into our lunch, sports, and clubs programs. Overall I will do all in my power to get your points across into the student council, to improve our already wonderful school and to always take every suggestion and complaint and bring it to the attention of our admin. There will be a change for the better, so vote Sophia Tully for treasurer.

Secretary: Vivian Coraci, Grade 5
I am a quiet person and a natural observer. I think that this will help me work well with the rest of the Student Government and contribute ideas based on observation and not my personal opinion. Because I am new to this part of All Saints I think I will be able to see things from a fresh perspective. This will allow me to come up with some good ideas for improvement. I am also a very dedicated person and when I start a project I really focus on it and do whatever I have to do to get it done the right way. Don’t forget to vote Vivian for Secretary and please remember: “Give Me Your Votes and I’ll Take the Notes.”
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