Head of School Blog

Seeing All Saints Through New Eyes

Guest Bloggers: Amanda, Noah, and Nicole | Volume: 6 Issue: 1 | September 7, 2016
As part of our jobs, we regularly reflect on the value of an All Saints education.  This year, as Noah and Nicole enter their tenth year at All Saints and Amanda enters her sixth year, we are looking at the value of an All Saints education through new eyes.  In March, Amanda and Noah welcomed their daughter, Pippa, and in May, Nicole welcomed her son, Morgan.  

As young educators, we heard for years in meetings and casual conversations, “When you’re a parent, you’ll understand.”  As we begin this year, we do understand.  Although we have only been parents for a few months, we already know that there is little we wouldn’t do to ensure our children’s happiness and safety.  We hate to see them sad or in pain, and would give anything to prevent those moments, although we know that they are part of life.  And we know how hard it is to entrust them to someone else’s care, no matter how capable.  

We also know how lucky we are to work in the community that we do.  In a few short years, our children will join us at All Saints.  We have long known that this is a special place, but now we view each moment, each project, and each event as parents.  We have seen our colleagues’ children grow here; Ronnie Loving (Lohan), Libby Vino, and Colleen Nguyen have celebrated the wonders of our community from the perspective of parents and staff for years now.  We are excited that our children will grow up in a school that recognizes each child as a unique person and encourages the development of their individual interests and talents.  While we wish that Pippa and Morgan could stay little forever, we also can’t wait to send them mail through the Valentine’s Post Office, watch them care for the animals at Farm Day, eat the waffles they prepare at the Waffle Inn, walk the Brooklyn Bridge with them, see them perform in the Bard Bash, play their games at the Boardwalk, watch them celebrate the role of pets and courageous individuals, teach them to serve our community, and, one day, watch them graduate and move on to the next great adventure in high school.  We know that they will receive a wonderful education, where they grow not only academically but socially and emotionally.  We know that they will have amazing teachers, as our colleagues are wonderfully talented, dedicated individuals.  But, most of all, we know that they will be safe, loved, and cared for every day. We are lucky to be able to have our children be part of the All Saints community.

This year, we wanted to begin by letting you know that we are starting with a new understanding and perspective.  We are excited for the next stage in our journey and for the way that these new roles as parents will help us be better at our jobs. And we thank you for trusting us every day with your children.