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Guest Blog: Why Teachers Give to the Annual Fund

Ronnie Loving and Colleen Nguyen | Volume: 5 Issue: 26 | April 26, 2016
Teachers give to the Annual Fund at All Saints because they recognize that they are as much a part of the community of All Saints Episcopal Day School as are parents and students.  Giving to the Annual Fund is a way for teachers to celebrate the special place that is All Saints.  As a group they recognize that the school mission sets the school apart from other schools and they feel fortunate to be in a place that supports teachers to not only develop their curriculum, but also takes the time to develop their teaching craft  through professional development opportunities.  By giving to the Annual Fund teachers celebrate and show support for the students with whom they are fortunate to work.  Students at All Saints are not just numbers on a roster, but are people who feel like family.

Often times when listening to the media, teachers are reported as burned out and “going through the motions” of teaching.  At All Saints this couldn’t be further from the truth!  Teachers are a celebrated part of the school culture, recognized as experts in their field, encouraged to develop the curriculum and to use their creativity to solve problems.  Teachers collaborate with their colleagues and know that their voice is being heard by administration.  By giving to the Annual Fund teachers acknowledge that they are part of this wonderful community and demonstrate their desire for it to thrive.

As Mother’s Day approaches we find ourselves reflecting on those times long ago when we were young mothers at the park, listening as other parents conducted informal surveys that elicited varying opinions (both good and bad) on schools from more experienced parents.  We stood by as some parents grappled with the decision to flee to the suburbs and others worried about their child’s progress in the early grades.  Throughout these discussions and debates, one school truly stood out - All Saints.  No matter who we spoke with, we heard that All Saints teachers cared and students thrived.  It made us feel so proud to work here and excited to wear our “parent hat” at the school so we could watch our children experience the rich curriculum and culture we were so intimately involved with.  So many years later, having truly lived and breathed the parent experience at All Saints - as one of our children completes the fifth grade, one first grade, and one is preparing to join the community -  we find ourselves now serving as a resource to new parents at the parks in Hoboken.  With great joy we talk about Milestone Projects, numerous field trips, hands-on STEM activities, critical thinking, and the fact that our children care about making the world a better place.  We are the mothers who can speak with pride about a school where every voice from students to teachers matters.  We knew we would love All Saints even more once we became part of the parent community, but we couldn’t fathom how much our love for this school would grow.

We give to the Annual Fund as a way to celebrate the special place that All Saints is and to honor the uniquely rich and nurturing experience our children are provided!  We encourage you to think about your child’s experience and to make a gift to the fund in the same way so many teachers do – to honor this wonderful community and all of the people in it and to demonstrate your desire to see it thrive.  

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