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All Saints Celebrates Youth Art Month!

Jill Singleton | Volume: 5 Issue: 20 | March 2, 2016
For the first time ever, All Saints will be celebrating Youth Art Month. This national celebration is designed to honor and promote the value of art education; to recognize the important skills developed through the study and practice of art; to celebrate and showcase student artwork; and to promote the safe use of art materials. The theme of this year’s Youth Art Month is “My art, my story.”

Many students at All Saints say that art is one of their favorite classes. This month, as we explored our spirituality theme of “Inner Spark,” students made connections between art and their inner spark. “We are allowed to escape to the art room and be free and let energy flow to art,” said Sixth Grader, Lucy. “Art is part of my inner spark because it makes me fee alive and free.” “I love that art is so different, depending on the person and all the art has a different meaning,” Eighth Grader, Leyla said. “Art is part of my inner spark because it is a way for me to express myself freely and open my creative mind to bigger and greater ideas!” Seventh Grader Douglas said, “What I love about art is that there is no way for you to make a mistake. Art makes up my inner spark because without it, my mind would be blank, colorless space.”

One of the reasons art is so special at All Saints is because of the dynamic and passionate leadership of our wonderful art teacher, Rachel Therres. “Something I love about art is the many different ways a student can respond to the same prompt,” Ms. Therres said. “No two pieces ever look exactly the same, even if we are all making portraits or still life or even animal sculptures.” Ms. Therres especially loves that she can see students grow in their artistic abilities from Kindergarten all the way through Eighth Grade.

All Saints is also proud to participate in the National Junior Art Honor Society. “NJAHS is a unique opportunity for students to combine two of the things we do really well at All Saints: art and service,” Ms. Therres said. “Our NJAHS students are not only making amazing work during club time - they are also creating opportunities for others to make art school wide!”

Students have been busy preparing for Youth Art Month and are looking forward to enjoying some of the many activities designed in connection with the celebration. Here are just a few of the wonderful things that are happening as part of the month-long celebration:
  • Students in the NJAHS created weather posters for students in N, Pre-K and K to use in their morning meetings. Each poster has with it sets of attachable illustrations of weather to add to a poster of artwork, as well as facts about the artist the teacher can share with the class.
  • NJAHS students designed Art Lesson Plans which will be shared with students during Conference Care on March 18.
  • On Thursday, March 10, elementary students are invited to join the NJAHS crew in making paper hats in preparation for the annual Endangered Species Hat Show and Tea Party. (A suggested donation of $5 will go towards materials and the Ecuador Exchange fund.)
  • On Monday, March 14, all are invited to the annual Endangered Species Hat Show and Tea Party. In addition to the wonderful student-created hats inspired by a variety of endangered species and modeled by Fifth and Sixth Graders, guests will be able to enjoy a variety of animal-inspired student art exhibits, including “zoomorphic tea cups” created by Fourth Graders, animal tapestries created by Seventh Graders, and self portraits created by Eighth Graders. The event will also include festive music, hip hop and drumming performances. The event runs from 6:00-7:00 pm in the church.
  • All students are invited to participate in the 30 Day Drawing Challenge. Students interested in taking the challenge receive a March calendar complete with a list of drawing ideas for each day. The idea is for each student to make one drawing a day, every day for 30 days. The completed work will be displayed in a special showcase after the month is complete.
  • Every Tuesday during March, elementary students can participate in a special “Art Lunch” during their lunch/recess time, making art and playing art games with Ms. Therres and students from NJAHS. A basket of art games and activities will be given to each K classroom as well so that students can enjoy the month-long celebration of art.
  • At our Celebration Gathering on March 22, we will be holding our annual induction to the National Junior Art Honor Society. Parents are invited.
Although art is receiving special focus during March in Connection with Youth Art Month, the study and practice of art is an integral part of the All Saints experience all year long. Perhaps Seventh Grader Tarragh captured the essence of our art program when she said, “You can express feelings and how you feel. Art represents me and my identity.”
Note: Make your plans now to attend the family friendly Endangered Species Hat Show and Tea Party on Monday, March 14. You won’t want to miss this very unique and beloved All Saints tradition!
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