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Keeping the Dream Alive!

Jill Singleton | Volume: 5 Issue: 16 | Jan. 30, 2016
Martin Luther King, Jr. said “Everybody can be great...because anybody can serve.  You don't have to have a college degree to serve. You don't have to make your subject and verb agree to serve. You only need a heart full of grace. A soul generated by love.”  Students at All Saints, Stevens Cooperative, and Mustard Seed gathered together to keep Dr. King’s dream alive by making a difference in our communities.

Instead of taking a day OFF yesterday, 122 students opted for a day ON and put their hearts and minds to good use by serving others in our Sixth Annual Day of Inspiration, Service, Celebration and Collaboration.  Over the course of the day, students accomplished a lot:

  • The “Art with Heart” group met at All Saints and created 15 portraits for students in an orphanage in Bolivia.  Through a special program called Memory Projects, students received actual photographs of children in the orphanage from which to create their portraits, and their portraits will be sent back to those same children.  The younger students in in this group made 18 cards to cheer up patients at the Kessler Rehabilitation Center.
  • The “Whistle While You Work” group spent the day at the Hoboken Homeless Shelter, where they made a huge pot of vegetable soup and more than a hundred dinner rolls for the evening meal.
  • The “Sandwich Squad” group met at Stevens, where they made 91 bagged lunches for guests at the St. Matthew’s Lunchtime Ministry, including personal notes of comfort and inspiration.
  • The “Hope & Soap” group met at Stevens and made 120 personal soap packets for guests at the Hoboken Homeless Shelter.
  • A group of students met at the Mustard Seed School for a session called “Lessons Learned from Nelson Mandela” to hear stories, play games, and learn songs and chants in the spirit of Youth Activists of South Africa and Civil Rights Activists in the United States. At the closing ceremony, children enthusiastically shared one of the pieces they learned.
  • The “Let Freedom Sing” group met at All Saints to learn a couple of numbers that were performed at our closing ceremony.  This group also led the entire assembly in the singing of “We Shall Overcome,” which has become a tradition at this important event.
Nursery students also got into the action and decorated 50 paper lunch bags and filled them with a granola bar and a snack bag containing pretzels, Pirate Booty, Sun Chips, and raisins. After filling their bags, students delivered the packages to 707 so that the Sandwich Squad can add a sandwich to the bags and deliver them to the homeless shelter during their normal weekly rotation.

In the afternoon, All Saints students continued their day of service by “zentangling” wrapping paper, packaging soap for the shelter, sorting and organizing games for Thursday’s Bingo Night, and making bookmarks to be included with the cards going to patients at Kessler.

All in all it was a magical day, and I went home feeling confident that Dr. King would definitely agree that his legacy continues to live on in our young people.

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