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Guest Blog: Making a Lasting Impact

Niall Murray and Liz Urtecho | Volume: 5 Issue: 9 | Nov. 11, 2015
It is our pleasure to serve as Co-Chairs for The Fund for All Saints again this year.  While you should have all received the Annual Fund materials in the mail over the past couple of weeks and will be receiving a phone call from your Class Captain to discuss the campaign in the coming days, we want to take this opportunity to answer some questions we are asked about The Fund for All Saints.

What is The Fund for All Saints?
Simply put, the Annual Fund is the school’s largest philanthropic campaign.  All Saints follows the funding model of most independent schools, in which the operating budget is supported through tuition dollars and tax-deductible donations made through the Annual Fund.

What does the Annual Fund support?
The Annual Fund supports operating costs of the school. The fund directly helps move the school from being good to being great by:
  • Attracting and retaining exceptional teachers who are committed to the growth of our children  
  • Providing a safe and welcoming environment to maximize learning
  • Ensuring every classroom has appropriate and up-to-date technology
  • Offering financial aid to deserving students
Why doesn’t the school just raise tuition?
The Annual Fund keeps our tuition competitive and within reach of more families, while also offering the opportunity for those who wish to make a tax-deductible donation. The All Saints experience is enhanced by the Annual Fund and our students benefit from a well-rounded and diverse community to support their learning and development.

Why is it important to have all parents participate in the Annual Fund?
100% parent participation is key to our financial sustainability.  It demonstrates to other donors the commitment the parents have towards the school, which in turn, attracts new funders.

What if I prefer to support the Auction?
The annual Spring Auction is a great way to support the school.  The funds raised support new initiatives at the school (this year it’s our STEM initiative).  However, it is through the Annual Fund that these initiatives are sustained year after year.  While we hope you support both, if you can only make one gift, we ask that you make the Annual Fund your priority.

Please join us in making a lasting IMPACT by supporting The Fund for All Saints this year.