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Guest Blog: Erik Aarts, Chair, Board of Trustees

Erik Aarts | Volume: 5 Issue: 2 | Sept. 23, 2015
Dear Families,

Welcome back – we’re off to a wonderful start to the 2015-2016 school year!

My name is Erik Aarts and I currently serve as the Chair of the Board of Trustees. My wife and I have two children at All Saints and we have seen our older two children graduate from the Eighth Grade.

I’m writing for a number of reasons. First, the Board is committed to communicating on a regular basis with the community to keep you informed and share important updates about our work as a Board. In addition, these updates will allow us to share more about the role of the Board in the operation of the school.

At the Board of Trustees meeting last week, we were thrilled to get an update about the progress of our school’s STEM initiative and learn about the professional development that faculty engaged in over the summer. We are very excited about the plans for implementing these initiatives across all grade levels this year. Watch for announcements as these activities get underway. In addition, the Board is very proud that All Saints will be the pilot school in Hoboken for composting, partnering with Community Composting Company, to build upon our nature initiative and our current vermicomposting program. See this past week’s HOS blog for more information (http://www.allsaintsdayschool.org/page/News-Detail?pk=776249).

Some of you may not be familiar with the role of the Board of Trustees and so we wanted to share this information. The Board meets on a regular basis and has various responsibilities including monitoring the School’s fiscal management and approving its budget, establishing the philosophy and objectives of the School, monitoring the fulfillment of its mission, promulgating general policies for effective operation including financial, employment, operating, and educational policies, and hiring and evaluating the Head of School. The Board also nominates and elects trustees to fill vacancies each year. The governing body of All Saints Parish, the Vestry, confirms the appointment of trustees to the School Board after nomination and election by the Board, ratifies the budget approved by the Board, and approves amendments to the bylaws recommended by the Board.

We also wanted to update you on the current status of the church-school relationship. Over the summer a working group was formed from members of the Vestry and Board with the goal of facilitating the redefining of our relationship. The group met over the summer and both the Board and Vestry are engaged in on-going discussions. This is a top priority for both the Vestry and the Board. We expect to be able to update you again soon.
We realize the strength of the school community and the willingness of many of you to get more involved. Here are a few ways you can become more connected:
  • Help with the Spring auction by joining the Auction Committee
  • Promote our wonderful school via the Marketing Team
  • Volunteer at school events through the Parents’ Association
To get connected to these opportunities or to reach out with questions or feedback please email asktheboard@allsaintshoboken.com. Please be on the lookout for future communications from Board members about pertinent school issues. Thank you.


Erik Aarts, Chair