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Making a Difference for Our Earth

Jill Singleton Volume: 4 Issue: 27 April 22, 2015
If your child came home this week and turned out the lights, don’t be alarmed – you’re not the only one. In preparation for our Earth Day celebration, we have created a learning experience for the students which includes using sunlight instead of electricity whenever possible, refraining from the use of technology, and using only recycled materials, among other things.

Our mission states that we nurture in students a sense of responsibility for our planet and gratitude for its beauty. This year we committed to making Earth Day a celebration of the many ways in which we are living out this aspect of our mission. Students at all grade levels have been engaged in a variety of activities, and this afternoon Grades 1-8 will participate in an Earth Day March culminating on the Holy Innocents Lawn. At the time of this writing, students are in the final stages of using recycled materials to create signs and banners bearing messages about how we can all care for and respect our Earth. Kindergarten students are especially excited to wear their “Earth Day Superhero” costumes that they’ve made out of old t-shirts, cardboard, and other found materials.

In our Spirituality Assembly yesterday we were treated to a wonderful presentation by the Second Grade South class. Students wrote and illustrated a class book called “A is for All Saints: An alphabet book about how we provide services for others and how we are stewards of our Earth.” I was so touched by their work that I wanted to share some of it here. I hope it inspires you to make a difference for our Earth!

A is for All Saints: A responsibility for this planet and gratitude for its beauty.

B is for Breathe: Breathe Earth’s air. Doesn’t it feel good to breathe!?

C is for Cutlery Challenge: Don’t use plastic, use re-usable! And Care for our
Earth by composting food scraps!

D is for Donate: Donate blood during our Empty Bowls Blood Drive.

E is for Empty Bowls: Because someone’s bowl is always empty.

F is for Feed: Feed the hungry and give food to the homeless shelter.

G is for GOOSE paper: Save trees! Remember to use both sides. [*GOOSE
paper stands for Good On the Other Side, Everyone!]

H is for Harvest: Help harvest worm castings for our garden!

I is for: I can make a difference.

J is for: Just do it!

K is for Kids: Not just adults! We can save the Earth, too!

L is for: Love our Earth.

M is for: Make a Change - it starts with YOU. And attend MLK Day: a whole
day of Service!

N is for No!: No plastic water jugs - use your water bottle!

O is for the Once-ler: He said, “A truffula tree is what everyone needs. Take it and treat it with care, give it clean water and feed it fresh air.”

P is for: Plant a garden. Plants make fresh air. Don’t forget our Pencil Challenge - save pencils and our trees by not over-sharpening.

Q is for Question: Ask yourself each day, “Am I helping the Earth?”

R is for Reduce, Reuse and Recycle: Did you know the fourth one is REFUSE?!

S is for saving the Earth one step at a time: And Sandwich Squad equals fewer hungry people!

T is for Turn off the lights when you are not using them.

U is for Underwater: Sea animals and plant life needs our help! Keep our waters clean!

V is for Visit the Hoboken Homeless Shelter. Did you know over 500 meals are served each day?

W is for Walk: Walk or ride a bike to save the Earth from pollution! The Waffle Inn raises money for the World Wildlife Fund.

X is for X-mas: At Holiday time, we donate Angel boxes - a chance for all to be happy and comfortable.

Y is for YOU: You shouldn’t litter. Place your trash is the trash can.

Z is for Zero: Try for a zero waster snack and lunch!

Be sure to ask your child what he/she learned as part of our Earth Day activities and celebration.

Questions? Comments? Ideas? I’d love to hear them! Email me: jsingleton@allsaintshoboken.com