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Empty Bowls: “Because someone’s bowl is always empty…”

Jill Singleton Volume: 4 Issue: 26 April 13, 2015
Every once in a while you receive an email that really makes your day – that sends you the message that all of your hard work really means something. This happened to me last week, when I heard from a family who recently moved out of state. She said her son spontaneously shared his thoughts on the difference between happiness and joy: “Happiness is finding money on the ground, and joy is giving that money to a homeless person.” Floored by her child’s wisdom and asked where he had learned this and he responded, “At All Saints!”

As we put the finishing touches on our plans for Empty Bowls, I am reminded about the importance of this event, which has had a significant impact over the past several years. Since beginning our Empty Bowls celebration at All Saints, we have raised $36,000 to support hunger relief in Hoboken, we’ve donated 151 pints of blood, and we’ve collected more than $27,550 worth of toiletries for local friends in need. In addition to the joy this has brought to our lives, we’ve also had the pleasure of watching our students, families and staff perform at the event, making it a truly pleasant spring morning.

Please plan to join us for this extraordinary all-you-can-eat Cereal Café on Saturday, April 25. Come enjoy breakfast anytime between the hours of 8:30-11:30am. If you want to have even greater involvement, it’s not too late to sign up for some the service opportunities taking place during the event. Here is a list of opportunities still available:

• Sign up to work an hour-long shift at our toiletries drive – Email Nicole Ciccariello: nciccariello@allsaintshoboken.com

• Make an appointment to donate blood in our Community Blood Drive: https://donor.cbsblood.org/donor/schedules/drive_schedule/37257

• Sign up to sing, dance, or otherwise entertain those who are enjoying breakfast – Email Mr. Mauldin: jmauldin@allsaintshoboken.com

The Spanish poet, Federico Garcia Lorca, said "The day that hunger is eradicated from the earth there will be the greatest spiritual explosion the world has ever known. Humanity cannot imagine the joy that will burst into the world." The feeling of joy and spiritual excitement witnessed and experienced at Empty Bowls each year suggests to me that truer words were never spoken. Please come and experience for yourself this powerful infusion of optimism and hope on Saturday, April 25, when the church is transformed into an all-you-can-eat Cereal Café and service site.

Questions? Thoughts? Ideas? I’d love to hear them! Email me: jsingleton@allsaintshoboken.com.