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Take Time to Tune In

Jill Singleton Volume: 4 Issue: 25 April 1, 2015

“This is a sentimental time of year,” Ms. Evelyn shared at our meeting with Assistant Teachers yesterday. “The children know the routines now and are growing up so fast – before you know it they will be in Pre-K and Kindergarten and we will barely be able to get a pinky wave out of them.” And she’s right. April break is a wonderful point in the year. Students and teachers are all in a great rhythm with each other, everyone understands their routines and what is expected of them, new students are no longer new but are firmly cemented in the community, the sun is finally shining, and many wonderful All Saints milestone projects and experiences await us we return from April break – Farm Day, the Bard Bash, and Empty Bowls, to name a few.

I was really touched by the insights and wisdom shared by our Assistant Teachers at our meeting yesterday. We are really blessed to have such caring, intelligent, and dedicated people in the ranks of our Assistants. Our discussion yesterday centered on our relationships – how we maintain healthy relationships with each other, with our students and their parents, and with our Head Teachers. I thought their insights were spot on, and could serve as helpful reminders to all of us – especially now as we embark on a break and the beginning of spring.

Tips for Building Healthy Relationships with Children, offered by the Assistant Teachers at All Saints:

• Ask questions – you may be surprised at what you learn
• Be your authentic self – children can sense when we are being genuine
• Be open to feedback – sometimes the help we try to give may not be the help that’s needed
• Notice when they need your attention – and listen – really listen
• Be part of their world – dance with them, play with them, participate
• Enjoy the moment - your time with them is fleeting

I know I will be taking these words of wisdom into my heart as I prepare to spend some time with my family, and I invite you to do the same. Also, if you haven’t told one of our Assistant Teachers how much you appreciate them lately, a quick note or word of recognition means so much.

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