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Eighth Graders Receive High School Acceptances

Jill Singleton Volume: 4 Issue: 24 March 18, 2015
With the turn in the weather, our Grade graduating class of 16 students is no doubt pleased with the impressive list of high schools to which they gained entry. With the application process behind them, students are excited about the many milestones that await them in the last trimester of their time at All Saints, including a 10-day trip to Quito Ecuador, Field Day, and Graduation.
We are proud to share that this year’s class was accepted into the following schools:
  • Calhoun School (New York)
  • County Prep High School (New Jersey)
  • Dwight-Englewood School (New Jersey)
  • Elisabeth Irwin High School/LREI (New York)
  • Gould Academy (Maine)
  • Grace Church School (New York)
  • Hoboken Charter (New Jersey)
  • Hudson Catholic (New Jersey)
  • Loyola School (New York)
  • Morristown-Beard School (New Jersey)
  • Oak Knoll School (New Jersey)
  • Packer Collegiate Institute (Brooklyn)
  • St. Dominic Academy (New Jersey)
  • St. Peter’s Preparatory School (New Jersey)
  • St. Vincent’s Academy (New Jersey)
  • The Hudson School (New Jersey)
  • Xavier High School (New York)
Teachers and staff work hand-in-glove with students throughout the high school applications process. Here is a list of support services and classes that are provided to optimize our students’ academic and social profile.
Digital Portfolio Class – Students enter this class in the spring of their Seventh Grade year and finish the project in the fall of their Eighth Grade year. This class is designed to introduce students to the entire process of developing their personal and academic resumes through a multi-technological format. Students design their own pages, including videos, pictures, and content that shows their varied interests and achievements.
High School Placement Class – Students take this class in the fall of their Eighth Grade year. The course includes test prep, interview practice, as well as the task of writing a personal statement. The activities in this course serve a far-reaching purpose; for example, students receive coaching through the mock interview process that is invaluable to them as they grow into young adults.
Guidance for Parents – Parents are assigned an All Saints staff member who serves as their personal High School Placement Counselor. Parents attend an information session in the spring of their child’s Seventh Grade year. The purpose of this visit is to help parents identify a sensible number of schools to explore. Parents also receive a schedule of open house dates for their list of schools, guidance related to interviews, and tips for navigating the admissions process.
Networking with area high schools – All Saints staff members do a lot of behind-the-scenes work and networking with area high schools. This includes inviting high school admissions directors to come to our school to meet with our parents and students, and All Saints staff members touring and visiting area high schools to learn more about their programs.
At All Saints, we ensure that our students are handed off to their next community with great care.
Borrowing from a popular philosophy among college counselors, we believe that “High school is a match to be made, not a prize to be won.” Just as each student brings a unique set of gifts to a school, each school has a unique “personality,” and finding the right fit is critical to a student’s success. Feedback from schools to which our earlier graduates have been admitted has been overwhelmingly positive - our students have shown that they are academically and socially prepared for the rigors of high school. As we continue to grow our Middle School, and expand our list of high schools, we are confident that with the solid foundation they are receiving at All Saints, our graduates will continue to find high schools that will help them become the amazing leaders and scholars they are destined to be.
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