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STEM – Pathway to a Better Future

Jill Singleton Volume: 4 Issue: 23 March 11, 2015
STEM – Pathway to a Better Future
Tomorrow evening’s Spring Auction will raise money for our burgeoning STEM initiative. What is STEM, you might ask? STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. The top 10 fastest growing occupations, according to the U. S. Labor Department (from 2008-2018) are all arguably STEM-based careers. Examples include biomedical engineers, network systems and data communications analysts, financial experts, medical scientists, biochemists and biophysicists.
These careers, and many others that fall into the category of STEM, are well- aligned with our school’s mission – they emerge from the marriage of academic excellence and social responsibility. Professionals in STEM careers have the skills and potential to transform the way we live into our future. Some of the problems they are working to solve include finding a cure to cancer, mediating the effects of global warming, preserving our earth’s precious biodiversity and creating ethical policies and practices for an interdependent global economy.
We want our students to be able to grow up to be these transformational leaders. This preparation requires the appropriate knowledge and tools, which is why tomorrow’s Spring Auction is so important. Funds raised will support STEM initiatives at every grade level, including a comprehensive partnership with the Liberty Science Center, as well as the purchase of additional laptops, iPads and related programming.
Can’t come to the Auction? Don’t worry, you can still help because this year we are proud to share that bidding is now possible online and remotely. Here’s how to do it:
  1. Go to www.501auctions.com/allsaintsauction
  2. Click “register” on the top right
  3. Fill out your information
  4. Start bidding!
While you cannot bid for live lots online, these can be done via proxy. Email Director of Development Erin Moran (emoran@allsaintshoboken.com) by 3:00pm Thursday to make arrangements.
If you want to participate in this year’s Paddle Raiser, for click here: https://www.501auctions.com/allsaintsauction/item/108244

Thank you for your support in preparing our students for this exciting field of opportunities!
Comments? Thoughts? Ideas? I’d love to hear them! Email me: jsingleton@allsaintshoboken.com