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Reading Olympics Receives an Overhaul

Jill Singleton Volume: 4 Issue: 14 December 17, 2014
When students return in January, they will experience an all-new Reading Olympics Campaign.  We sincerely hope parents and students will appreciate the changes that have been in the works since last year.  

The most significant change is that the event will no longer include a fundraising component.  While these funds, which covered the cost of Summer Reading Books and costs associated with the school plays, certainly came in handy, we are excited to share that the campaign will focus more exclusively on the love and joy of reading.

During the six-week campaign, students will focus on a different genre each week –   fantasy, historical fiction, biography, poetry, etc. –  and will be encouraged to read books from that genre.  This will serve to stretch their reading outside of their comfort zones, offering types of readings the students don’t normally choose. Students who complete that challenge will be given a ticket which will be entered into a classroom raffle, to be drawn at the end of the festivities.  The “winner” from each class will win a reading-related surprise.  Gold, silver and bronze medals will also be awarded to students who read the requisite number of minutes for each of those designations.

All students will also enjoy a school-wide read-a-thon on Friday, February 13, followed by a “Big Bee” celebration for Grades 1-8 in the church.  Parents of children in Nursery, Pre-K and Kindergarten will be invited to school on Thursday, February 12, to celebrate their children’s accomplishments throughout the campaign.  Medals will be distributed and students will share some of their Reading Olympics classwork.  

Classroom teachers have planned age-appropriate activities related to the campaign, such as book swaps and reading recommendation logs, so be on the lookout for information from them when we return to school in January. Specials classes will also endeavor to get in on the Reading Olympics action this year – stay tuned for more details.

We hope that all families will take advantage of Reading Olympics by setting aside family time to focus on reading.  Many parents have shared that the campaign was a wonderful reminder of the importance and joy of reading.  In our busy lives, it is easy for this simple and lifelong habit to be crowded out by other tasks and media.

Here are some resources that may be helpful to parents in supporting their children’s work throughout the campaign:
Note: Because the fundraising component is being eliminated from the campaign, parents will be asked to purchase summer reading books or borrow books from the school or their local libraries.  Likewise, parents should expect a slight increase in the cost of admission at school plays.

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