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Take Advantage of a “Parents Night Out” this Friday!

Jill Singleton Volume: 4 Issue: 13 December 10, 2014
Take Advantage of a “Parents Night Out” this Friday!

This Friday, our Eighth Graders will once again run a special evening of fun and games for our student community. (Of course they’ll have a little help from our teachers and staff!) This annual tradition has become quite popular, and many of the students can be heard talking about it during social times. I have the pleasure of sharing a hallway with Second Grade South, so I asked their teacher to gather some of their thoughts about the event. “We get to color and the older kids have crafts for us to do!” one student reported. Another said, “We got to have dinner and played Newcomb in the gym. We even watched Frozen!" A couple of my Seventh Grade friends said they really enjoyed it when they were younger because “the Eighth Graders took care of us.”

For parents of Kindergarteners, Parents Night Out is a wonderful opportunity for their children to spend some time at 707 Washington Street - “the Big School” – as the time is fast approaching when they will be in First Grade and 707 will be their school home. Other parents take advantage of the free time to get some holiday shopping done, or to enjoy a nice meal out with friends at a nearby restaurant. “My children had so much fun they thought they were going to a party,” Laura Coraci shared. “They didn’t even realize they were giving my husband and me the night off!”

One of my favorite things about Parents Night Out is that it feels like an old-fashioned One Room Schoolhouse. Children of all ages play together – a practice which tends to bring out the best in each other. “I remember being at Parents Night Out a few years ago,” Ms. Nguyen recalls. “The Eighth Graders created great games for the students. They created paper airplanes and an elaborate runway, and then we played balloon ping pong with paddles made out of paper plates and Popsicle sticks. It was so much fun!”

Funds raised through the Parents Night Out events support the Eighth Grade trip to Ecuador in May. During this cultural exchange, students live with host families, attend school with their Ecuadorian “siblings” and experience all that the beautiful country of Ecuador has to offer – art, culture, history and some of the greatest biodiversity on the planet.

So make those reservations now, or just show up on Friday! Who knows what wonders await this month!

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