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Guest Blogger: Together We Give. Together We Grow.

Niall Murray Volume: 4 Issue: 10 November 19, 2014

Guest Blogger: Together We Give. Together We Grow.
Niall Murray, Co-Chair, The Fund for All Saints

Catherine and I have lived in Hoboken since 1996 and have been involved with the school since our eldest started in 2007. With two boisterous boys now in Fifth Grade and Third Grade it has been one of the great privileges to have had the opportunity to watch them grow from toddlers to responsible confident little men. As parents we always wonder, with some trepidation, what the future will hold for our children and how they will develop. At All Saints Episcopal Day School we quickly came to realize what a great partner we had in taking this journey with us, providing the kids not just a solid foundation of academics but a core set of values that are just as important to us in their development and view of the world.

The All Saints school plays stood out for us early on, as we would sit in the audience and marvel at the ability of these young people to stand in front of a couple of hundred people and perform their part with great poise; that is something that some of us adults have trouble with even today! Another component of school life that was important to us was the community work that takes place and the invaluable lessons that our children learn from this activity.

There are many intangibles that sold us on All Saints, but what most impressed us was the leadership at the school and the quality throughout the entire academic staff. This is what sets the school apart and what will continue to make it a top tier educational institution paving the way, not just for our children to acquire a great educational foundation, but to promote opportunities for our students to enter the very best high schools in the area.

Like any successful organization, the key to success is attracting and retaining the best talent and a considerable part of the Annual Fund is essential to bridging the gap between keeping the annual tuition as low as possible while being competitive in the marketplace for the best educators. Taken together with all the other great intangibles found in the classroom and around the All Saints community, we see The Fund for All Saints as an investment both in our children’s future and in the future of all of the students at school. For that reason we have been very proud to have supported the Annual Fund over the years. It’s an investment with immeasurable returns!

The information below, provided by Erin Moran, Director of Development, describes in more detail how Annual Fund donations support the school.

How the Annual Fund Supports All Saints
As in most independent schools, tuition income at All Saints covers only 85% of the school’s operating budget. Gifts to The Fund for All Saints supplement tuition fees and cover the gap between the school’s tuition income and operating expenses. The Annual Fund provides the school with the additional funding necessary to hire and retain exceptional educators, organize service learning opportunities, integrate technology in the classroom and for our operations, offer financial aid to students who enrich the All Saints experience and would not have otherwise been able to attend All Saints, and everything else that makes the school run.

The Fund for All Saints sustains the school and positively impacts all our students. It is true when we say that no gift is too small (or too large). Donations of any amount allow us to offer a dynamic educational experience and make a significant difference in the lives of our students.

For more information about The Fund for All Saints, visit the Annual Fund page on our website or contact your Class Captain or the Development Office.

Together We Give. Together We Grow.