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Students Taking the Lead

Jill Singleton Volume: 4 Issue: 4 October 8, 2014

Students Taking the Lead

Several students campaigned in this year’s Student Government Elections, impressing all with their ideas, passion and commitment to our school. The speeches of the winning candidates are printed below for your reading enjoyment. Be on the lookout for information about a variety of student-led initiatives that will be coming our way under the leadership of this fine cabinet!

President, Luca, Grade 7

Hello! I am Luca and I am running for student government president. I would like to thank the students for supporting me in this election. I have been the vice president for the past two years, proving I can get the job done. I want to make a difference in our community by following all Eco Challenges to the best of our ability, supporting students of every age, and by being a leader for our school. I want to first remind you of my previous accomplishments. Last year in student government, I started the All Saints Gazette. While vice president, I took part in allowing middle school students to go to the park for a full hour during lunch. We even rallied for our full-time French teacher! We spiced up Spirit Week, decorated for school dances, and brought a variety of great ideas to the table. This year, I have many going green ideas! I want to work on replacing our old light bulbs with energy efficient ones. I was also thinking of having paper recycled napkins, which are made from recycled paper. Additionally, I’d like to start a program where we collect old electronics and make sure they are recycled properly. Too much green? I did promise a year ago that we would have winter field day. Some things are already in place and we just need to fine tune things. With your ideas, you could help create a fun winter field day for all and I will make sure this happens for you. I just want to thank Connor, for being my campaign manager, and all of you for your continued support. Vote Luca for President of our school!

Vice President, Diana, Grade 7

Hello, my name is Diana and I am running for Vice President. Let’s be real. The last thing you want right now is to listen to a two-hour long lecture that goes on and on and on about how many ideas and such people have for the student government. But don’t worry, I am not going to give you that, oh no, I am going to give you what really concerns you: just a few reasons WHY you should vote for me, Diana, as your Vice President. Firstly, I am very experienced. At my old school in London, I was voted not just Vice President but President for two straight years. My school won every single academic contest and sporting event in that area during those two years. Enough said. Second of all, I am a great communicator. I LOVE talking to people, getting dilemmas sorted out and listening to ideas on what YOU think will make our school a better place. With that I solemnly swear that I will listen to EVERYONE’s ideas, no matter how silly or unrealistic you may think it is! Who knows, twenty years from now, your crazy idea could be an everyday thing. And finally, I promise you that if you see me as Vice President this year, you’ll know for certain that you’ve made the right choice. On a conclusive note, vote for me, Diana, if you want to have the best school year you’ve ever had. Thank you!

Secretary, Lucy, Grade 5

My name is Lucy, and this year I am running for secretary. I would like to have you know I stepped into student government three years ago. I was in Second Grade and straight off the bat I delivered on my first promise to get a lock on the bathroom door. The next year I got elected again, and again followed up on my campaign promise of getting a class pet, even though that required using my own money and having to take our hamster to the vet when he had a medical problem. I also take leadership roles outside of school in my Girl Scout troop where I am organizing a social function on my own. I am good with technology and I am very fast at typing. I also use a variety of different templates and Microsoft word programs. I am an excellent note taker and am organized. One idea I have for the school is a GOOSE paper challenge.* Each class would try and use the least amount of fresh paper they could. I also think we should have “Bring in Your Pet Day.” We should have “Cookies for Courage Day” where students donate ingredients to make cookies and we could have a hangout where we make cookies and bring them to the police and fire stations. I also think we should take steps to increase school pride, especially during basketball season. I hope you vote for Lucy.

*GOOSE stands for Good On the Other Side, Everyone

Treasurer, Dylan, Grade 6

Hello, my name is Dylan and I am in Sixth Grade. I am running for Treasurer. I was treasurer last year so I have experience in the office. Last year as part of student government we made it possible to have an hour at the park for recess that we all are enjoying this year! If I continue to be Treasurer, I would influence the school to make good changes or add more things that you would like to do. You should vote for me because: I am good at math, I counted all of the Box Tops last year, I work well with a group, I will work the best I can if I am picked. Please vote for me, and thank you for listening. Dylan for Treasurer!