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Guest Blogger: Laura Coraci on Joining the Board

Laura Coraci
I’d like to thank Jill Singleton for the opportunity to be a guest blogger this week. My name is Laura Coraci. I am proud to be a member of the school board and I am glad that my position will allow me to get to know more families in our school. My two daughters, now in first and third grade, have both attended All Saints since they were in Nursery School. Since that time, I have watched All Saints grow exponentially. Over those years, this school has crossed a threshold, growing both in numbers and reputation. Our next steps must involve supporting this growth while aiming our sights on being recognized among the top-tier independent schools of New York and New Jersey. It’s all in place; we just need to help it along.

Excellent education begins with teaching. The staff at this institution is an indescribably amazing group of individuals who strive for excellence on a daily basis while always keeping the best interests of their community at heart. I am sure that everyone reading this can think of at least one personal experience that they have had in the past month that highlights this fact. The end result is twofold. Firstly, it’s no surprise that our graduates are extremely well educated and are being placed in fabulous high schools. What is more striking, perhaps, is the depth of character and self-awareness that our students possess. The combination of educational excellence, deeply rooted core values and a high level of personal insight will continue to serve our children well after they leave All Saints. For this, we have our teachers and staff to thank. However, excellence cannot start and stop with the school bell.

Being a part of a thriving and successful independent school requires every individual to ask, “How might I contribute?” We all do this, even without thinking of it. Whether we spend our weekends reviewing materials with our children, or we volunteer our time to help with a school function, or we donate financially, we are all contributing. I believe that we do this because we recognize the importance of both our support for the staff and of the example that we set for our children. As our school takes this next leap forward, let’s all join in with our staff, teachers and students in asking, “Can I do more?” As our facilities expand we will have many opportunities to support this exciting project. Please join me in thinking about what we might do to help the effort once the project gets underway. In the meantime, it’s important to recognize what is being accomplished on a daily basis with a look towards how we can support out students and teachers in ways both big and small.