Head of School Blog

Kicking Off Our Annual Appeal

Jill Singleton
This year has gotten off to an unconventional and challenging start, to say the least. No one could have predicted the first day of school evacuation at 707, which went smoothly thanks to the quick-thinking and professionalism of our faculty and staff and to the poise and maturity of our students; or sadly, the week that school was closed due to the devastating effects of Hurricane Sandy. Understandably, most of our community’s efforts have been dedicated towards relief initiatives, and for that reason we decided to postpone the kick-off of our Annual Fund campaign which was initially slated to get underway at the end of October. Now that we have returned (more or less) to “normal” we are pleased to launch our campaign, as this represents our largest fundraising initiative by far.

We are coming off of a record-setting year in terms of fundraising. We raised over $146,000 for the Annual Fund last year; had over 80% of our faculty and staff donate to the fund; tripled our top tier (Investor Level) of donors from two to six families; and slowly began receiving more employer matching gift contributions from donor families. While we are making great strides in terms of philanthropy, we have further to go. Like our peer schools all across the country, independent schools have annual fund campaigns to bridge the gap between tuition and operating costs for the school. We strive to keep tuition low, but competitive; we strive to make the school affordable to those promising students who would like an All Saints education but do not have the financial means to attend; we strive to attract and retain the best teachers; and we strive to have the facilities to accommodate our current and future needs. None of our successes would have been possible without the support of our former and current families, and our future successes are equally dependent on our shared commitment and cooperation.

We are at an exciting time in our school’s history. We are going toe-to-toe with the best independent schools to fully realize our ambitious mission. It’s time for us to make a quantum leap. Several factors are calling for that: 1) our growing enrollment; 2) our need for a new building; and 3) the ongoing evolution of Hoboken as a place to raise a family. Now is the time to invest in our children and the next generation in the same way the founders of our wonderful school invested in us.

Last week our annual report and campaign letters were mailed to all families and those connected to our community. With great respect and appreciation for all of the support our families have given us over the years, I humbly ask that you consider donating to the Annual Fund as generously as you are able, so that this school year can be even more successful than the last one, and so that All Saints never has to cut short its dreams for an ever-enriching future.