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Parent Involvement

Jill Singleton
Last week’s record-breaking auction success of $191,000 is a true testament to the wonderful families we have in our community (one parent called it “record-exploding!”) These dollars will go a long way toward helping us build our new suite of classrooms to expand the third floor at 707 Washington Street. My truly heartfelt appreciation goes out to the many parents who made this tremendous evening such a success – from donating items, organizing details and acquiring items to purchasing tickets and bidding on items – parents were at the heart and center of our success.

While clearly a capstone event for our school, the auction is by no means the only way in which parents are involved at All Saints. From my first day on the job back in July, 2004, it has been clear that one of the greatest strengths of our school community is the backbone of support generously provided by our families on a daily basis. Throughout this past admissions season – another record-breaker – prospective parents frequently remarked on the wonderful families they know or have met in our community. They also wanted to know more about how parents are involved; in responding to their questions I was reminded again and again that the list of ways to be involved is a long one!

Just for fun, I looked back over the past week at how parents were involved. In five short days, not counting the auction, here are the many different ways parents were integrated into the life of the school.

• One parent made play dough for the Nursery class
• Half a dozen parents donated props for our upcoming spring drama, Charlotte’s Web
• 36 parents helped with the Waffle Inn, our First Grade milestone project
• One parent sponsored the cost of Sandwich Squad supplies, allowing students to make 65 bagged lunches to deliver to the St. Matthew’s lunchtime ministry program
• One parent came in to run a special spring-themed frog craft in Kindergarten
• Six parents chaperoned four different field trips
• Two parents shared about their professions with our Middle School students
• Two parents built the set for Charlotte’s Web.
• Three parents came in to be interviewed by Second Grade students as part of their community service “Giraffe” project – (a “Giraffe” is someone who sticks his/her neck out for other people)
• 10 Parent Ambassadors organized and hosted a lovely champagne reception for newly accepted families.
• A dozen parents are reading a book about resilience for an upcoming discussion as part of our Parent Enrichment program
• Seven parents, serving as representatives, attended a board meeting
• At least two dozen parents came out to cheer for our basketball team at our last regular season game – a victory that sealed our participation in the playoffs!

As you can see, there is rarely a day at All Saints that does not include parent involvement. It is this parent participation that strengthens the bonds not only between parents and teachers, but also among parents, building community and fostering a sense of ownership and belonging. Our school is truly blessed to have such a committed and engaged group of parents and I encourage all parents to participate in some meaningful way. Whether volunteering for a classroom activity, chaperoning a field trip, serving on a committee or making a financial donation, I assure you that you will be enriched by the experience.

Questions? Comments? Ideas? I’d love to hear them! Email me: jsingleton@allsaintshoboken.com