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Guest Blog: The Fund for All Saints – Help Us Soar!

Erik Aarts and Liz Urtecho
Dear Friends,

Thank you so much to those of you who have already contributed to the Fund for All Saints. We are happy to report that due to the generosity of many in our community, we have raised over $150,000 to date. This puts us in a strong position to reach our goal of $220,000 by June 30, 2014. But to do so we need your support! We ask those of you who have not yet contributed to the Fund for All Saints, to please consider doing so. Donating to the Fund is the single-most important philanthropic gift you can give to the school; these dollars are unrestricted, and go towards our most pressing needs, opportunities and developments.

Enrichment opportunities, new technology, professional development, financial aid – these are only some of the vital areas where your annual fund gifts are put to work. What better investment can you make than in your child/ren’s education and the continuing enhancement of their school? These crucial, formative years lay the foundation for future learning. “SNC” and “707” will be the place that will house the many wonderful childhood memories that your child will be sure to remember in years to come.

You don’t have to look far to see the value of the education received at All Saints. Our daughter, Nicole, is a member of the Class of 2012 – the first graduating Eighth Grade class at the school. She’s blossoming in high school, demonstrating everyday, in one way or another, those values in the All Saints mission statement – commitment to personal excellence, discipline and integrity, responsibility for the planet, development of spirituality through social justice and a love of learning. Her personal development and achievement stems from her journey at our school, which laid the foundation for her future. We are so excited that our other children, Andrew, Emily and Ian, are following the same path.

We would like to leave you with one thought… What if everyone in our school community made a gift to the Fund to the extent that would be appropriate for their family? What a wonderful message we would be sending to new and incoming families about our commitment and investment in our school; but equally important, what a wonderful opportunity we would be providing to our children, and what an amazing legacy we are building for future generations to come.

Please help us reach our goal by making a gift to The Fund for All Saints today.

Thank you in advance for your support!
Erik Aarts and Liz Urtecho, Co-Chairs of 2013-14 Fund for All Saints
Parents of Nicole, Class of 2012
Andrew, Seventh Grade
Emily, Fourth Grade
Ian, Kindergarten