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Saying Farewell to Dad

Jill Singleton
On May 14, 2013, my Dad took a tumble that would begin a downward spiral of events that ultimately led to his peaceful passing this past Sunday morning. Dad has shown up from time to time in my blogs over the years, and on more than one occasion I have called on his journalistic expertise to assist me with a question related to style or grammar when writing my weekly post. Over the past three and a half weeks, Dad knew that his end was near, and he was intentional about making sure that his spirit was ready for its metamorphosis. The conversations we enjoyed, the joys and memories we shared, the hurts we forgave and healed, and the unconditional love we shared over these past 24 days was truly magical.

The obituary below was printed by the New York Daily News, my dad’s second home for many years. The other was printed in the New York Times.



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