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Guest Blogger: The Importance of Giving Blood – It could save a life

Katherine and Carlos Rosa
On January 8, 2010 our son Douglas was diagnosed with Leukemia (Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia or ALL). He went through a battery of tests
and medications and required blood and platelet transfusions during his initial treatments. We are grateful that he is in remission and has an excellent prognosis for the future.

One of the many lessons we learned from Douglas’ diagnosis is the importance of human blood. There is no substitute for human blood. Blood donation is the only way hospitals can receive and store blood. It is estimated that one in every seven people entering the hospital requires a blood transfusion, but only about 3% of the population gives blood. So please consider donating blood. It takes less than an hour and it could save a life.

Thank you.
Katherine and Carlos Rosa