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Guest Blogger: Why One Parent Supports the Annual Fund

John Calderon
Our son Michael (First Grade East) has attended All Saints since nursery. All Saints has consistently met and exceeded our expectations for teacher quality, open communication and a shared sense of values. We are particularly pleased at how open and forthcoming all of Michael’s teachers and the administrative team have been with us throughout the years. Like many parents, we sometimes get anxious when issues arise. On those limited occasions when we have met to discuss matters, everyone has listened in an open and objective way and provided quality feedback. My wife, Silvia, and I support the Annual Appeal because we want to ensure that all of the wonderful qualities described continue, and also because we want to support the administration’s efforts to broaden the student population. We embrace the effort to include students who could benefit from an All Saints education but whose families may not have the financial means to attend. We believe Michael and other students can benefit and learn from children and families from other cultures and economic backgrounds. One day, Michael will most likely not only have to manage, collaborate or market to an increasingly diverse population in the United States, but perhaps to an emerging middle class in various developing countries around the world. All Saints is where Michael will begin to develop the skills to understand and engage people from different backgrounds and walks of life.

-John Calderon