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Guest Blogger: Supporting the Annual Fund – One Teacher’s Story

Jill Singleton
I am always touched when a teacher gives a gift to the Annual Fund. In addition to all that our wonderful faculty and staff do each day, they also give of themselves financially. They share their time, talent and treasure with our community, and have earned our heartfelt appreciation.

One teacher writes…

Walking around Hoboken, I take in the Christmas lights, storefront decorations, and displays. I see around me the wonders of the season and let my thoughts shift to upcoming gatherings of family and friends. Everywhere I go, I am reminded of the message of Christmas: the commercial one, but also the spiritual one. For in these hard economic times, we still decorate, we still gather, we still celebrate the wonders of the season. I think of these things as I answer the question, “Why do teachers give to the annual appeal?”

Our school is a special place. More than any other I have ever worked in or visited, there is a true community here. Teachers and staff do not compete; they cooperate. Good ideas, strategies, and success stories are shared. Problems are shared and solved together. Coming to work each day in some ways is not that different than coming home at the end of the day. I know that I am about to enter a place of refuge, kindness, and peace.
Like my own home, there is much work to be accomplished. When I look at the students in my classroom, it is like a parent looking at his or her own child. I question myself. Have I done enough? Have I helped enough? I ask these questions so that the next day may be even better. I celebrate the small daily triumphs and set high expectations and challenging goals for my students and for myself. I have big dreams of success for my students.
My dreams of success for my students are contained not only in this moment or this year, but in their lifetime. Our students are a part of a community of caring and a community of growth. Like saplings in a forest, they depend on all aspects of nature to care for and sustain their growth. Our children thrive when all adults in their community care for them and want them to succeed. Our school is a committed place of parents, teachers, staff, students, and board members. When we all come together to show our dedication, we celebrate the beauty of our future.

As a teacher, I give to the annual fund to celebrate the diversity of our community, so that more students—some without the financial means—may have the opportunity to attend our school, which is a benefit not only to them, but to us all; I give to the annual fund to celebrate the cooperative environment I enter each day, so that the faculty and staff are able to have the resources they need to make the classroom a great place for learning for the children, but also a supportive place to work for us; I give to the annual fund to remember how blessed I am already, to reinforce the messages of service, stewardship and community our students receive in school; I give to the annual fund to embrace the beauty of our future, to ensure that All Saints will continue to flourish and grow. I give to the annual fund and I think of the words of Lao Tzu. “Kindness in words creates confidence. Kindness in thinking creates profoundness. Kindness in giving creates love.”

Note: This teacher would like to remain anonymous.

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