Middle School students have the opportunity to join a variety of clubs that meet at lunch time or after school. In addition, students can propose clubs if they can identify a faculty advisor. 
* Below is a sampling of offerings.

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  • Art Club

    Students will work on art projects of their choosing during this fun-filled, creative club! Past projects include: props and set pieces for the school plays, sculptural letters to adorn the classrooms, extended painting projects and large-scale, collaborative sculptures!
  • Book Club

    Students in this club will select a book to read and discuss as a group. Books will range from fiction to non-fiction and from classics to modern-day literature.
  • Brain Builders Club

    Brain Builders club meets once per week during clubs period for Grades 4-8. Students work together in multi-age groups to explores challenging brain puzzles such as the River Crossing puzzle or Fibonacci's Rabbits. Groups explore a variety of problem solving strategies from making charts and graphs, to working backwards, to acting it out. Students also make connections between types of problems that utilize similar strategies. In addition to word problems, students also explore physical (wooden or plastic) puzzles such as the Towers of Hanoi or Gordian's Knot, and web-based equivalencies, such as the Tap Towers app.
  • Crafting Club

    Students will have the opportunity to try their hand at a variety of craft projects. Projects this semester will include scrapbooking, card making, crochet and jewelry making.
  • Drama Club

    Drama club is for students in Grades 4-8 who are currently participating in the all school play or musical. Supplementing our after school rehearsals, students learn music, blocking, and choreography for the upcoming production.
  • Egg-stravaganza Club

    Using "the incredible, edible egg," students make nutritious meals for our homeless neighbors at the St. Matthew's Lunchtime Ministry Program. Egg salad and mini omelettes are the two principal meals made, but others are attempted as well. At holiday times, students will also use eggs and/or egg shells to make assorted crafts.
  • Maker Club

    How many of you wanted to take apart something and put it back together? Have you ever thought “I would love to know how to wire a lamp?” Then The Makerspace is exactly what you are looking for! We will explore our thought processes and integrate science, technology, geometry and just plain creativity and fun to take apart, explore, figure out, and create.

    Some of the things used will be wires, screw drivers, wire strippers, electrical tape, junction boxes, graph paper, and of course the greatest resource of all….our curiosity and our brain!
  • Math Olympiads

    Math Olympiads is an extracurricular club that meets once a week during lunch from October through the end of March. there are two divisions: Grades 5-6 and Grades 7-8. Club members explore a topic or strategy in depth, they practice for the contests using nonroutine problems from previous year’s contests. There are the five monthly contests, given from November to March during our regular meeting time. Participation in Math Olympiads can:
    • stimulate enthusiasm and a love for mathematics,
    • introduce important mathematical concepts,
    • teach major strategies for problem solving,
    • develop mathematical flexibility in solving problems,
    • strengthen mathematical intuition,
    • foster mathematical creativity and ingenuity, and
    • provide for the satisfaction, joy, and thrill of meeting challenges.
  • Newsletter Club

    Students in this club will write about the current events that are happening at All Saints.  Students can also add editorial pieces, book or movie reviews, puzzles, Zentangle, a favorite recipe, and much more!
  • Service Club

    Saints-4-Service Club is made up of students in grades 4-8 who are committed to making the world a better place. Students volunteer their time each week to work on a variety of projects to help our school, our city, and our world. This year students decided to split our club into three focus areas- animals, people, and the environment. Students are working on a wide range of projects including care packages for homeless people, fundraising for the Liberty Science Center, and gardening and tree planting in Hoboken.
    The club is run by Ms. Nguyen, Ms. Wisniewski, and Ms. Beesley. We meet weekly on Wednesdays from 3:15-4:15.
  • STEM Club

    The purpose of the STEM club is for students to explore science, technology, engineering and math in a fun, engaging, and collaborative environment that focuses on self inquiry, problem solving, out of the box critical thinking, creativity, and teamwork. We will take risks and challenge our prior assumptions. We'll build character as we build things, especially our compassion to help others and our persistence to keep trying.
  • Story Break Club

    This club is an opportunity for students to read and discuss both classic and contemporary short stories that either bend the typical genre conventions or overlap them completely.
  • Technology Club

    Students work with a  variety of tech programs to create student-led projects during the club term. Students work in groups to produce and edit a music video using iMovie. In addition, they also create digital comics to add to the school newspaper. Students also bring their own ideas to life in technology-led lessons to show others their skills and what they can accomplish.
  • National Jr. Art Honor Society

    This unique organization will be an opportunity to show case your artistic abilities, promote art education, and implement arts based community service. By becoming a member you will be initiated into an organization that includes thousands of other Middle School students across the country. NJAHS at All Saints has completed a mural for the school play yard, created live art at the annual Youth Rocks Out for Ecuador Show, taught art to students during Youth Art Month and added gorgeous elements to the Endangered Species Hat Show and so much more! In order to maintain your status in NJAHS you must sustain an A- average (90 and up) and participate in NJAHS meetings and activities. To be eligible for NJAHS you must also have no lower than an A- in art the prior year.