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Dear Families,

Oscar Wilde once said, “Experience is the hardest kind of teacher. It gives you the test first and the lesson afterward.” COVID-19 has been such a teacher, leading me to reflect on the strength and resilience of the All Saints community. The All Saints Strategic Visioning Statement calls on us to be a place “where inspired academics fuel passion, purpose, and action to honor the enduring truth that we are all one.”

With this in the forefront, our school planned forward in anticipation of the virus remaining for an extended period. With the unwavering support of our Board of Trustees, our school pivoted early and effectively to distance learning in the Spring and immediately assembled several task forces:

The Education Task Force analyzed numerous learning models before landing on the one that has proven to be just right for our school, allowing our youngest learners on campus five days/week, and all other students four days/week with one day of at-home learning. Teachers engaged in professional development specific to hybrid learning, while the Tech Team upgraded critical infrastructure.

The Operations Task Force addressed every detail of physical safety, adapting school facilities and procedures to account for social distancing, newly-established hygiene protocols, safe arrival and dismissal procedures, and more. 

The Community Wellness Task Force focused on social-emotional wellbeing, extending our robust advisory program to include our youngest students and fostering virtual opportunities for faculty, parents, students, and school families. 

Who would have thought that as a result of a global pandemic, our school would have found a way to not only remain connected, but to be More Connected Than Ever! 

I encourage you to explore All Saints for your family and invite you to register for a virtual information session, explore our virtual tour, or contact me to learn more.

Kind regards,

Amina O’Kane
Director of Admissions and High School Placement
All Saints Episcopal Day School

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    Amina O'Kane 

    Director of Admissions and High School Placement