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Our students are the best of us here at All Saints. They embody our mission, live our values, and help us all to see the world anew.  And in return, we teach, we share, we create, we mentor, and we listen as we watch them become the capable, talented, compassionate young people they were meant to be.  It is to that end, that we strive for all of our students.

I’d like to share with you a recent letter to our Head of School from an Eighth Grade student.

Dear Ms. Singleton,

I’d like to thank you so much for the experience I’ve had at All Saints.  I can say with confidence that if my parents had sent me anywhere else, I would not be the person I am today.  This school has taught me so much, and I don’t mean only algebra, or how to write an essay.  All Saints has given me the confidence to speak my mind, form my own opinions, develop a profound worldview, and always, without fail, be kind and compassionate. Throughout my 11 years of school here, I feel as if all the teachers and classes I've taken have created an amazing learning environment for me.  All Saints creates a space where students can be comfortable with themselves, their classmates, and their teachers.  I talk to my friends who go to other schools, and I've found the level of acceptance and support that there is here is unlike any other school.  It is one of the parts of All Saints I value most, and it has allowed me to create strong bonds with my classmates, teachers, and to this school itself.

One of the many other things that I love about this school is its focus on world issues.  I love how activism, social justice, and awareness about the world around us is incorporated into every aspect of our curriculum.  From having daily dialogues in history class, to writing about Reconstructive Justice in language and literature, and even having debates over capital punishment in Sixth Grade.  All Saints has taught me to fight for change in our community, country, and the world.  I love the way I was never treated as if my maturity level wasn’t high enough to discuss or research a topic and that all of my teachers have gone above and beyond to listen to my classmates and me, and make my learning experience nothing short of amazing.  I hope that this never changes about our school, and that students always feel welcome to share their opinions and views, no matter what they may be.  After I graduate from All Saints, its impact won’t have disappeared.  I plan to continue activism work into high school, create dialogues, speak up, and be the person All Saints has shown me I can be.  I really can’t thank you enough for creating this environment for me to grow up in.  Who knows what my class and I will accomplish as we move into high school and beyond, but I know it will be because of All Saints.  

Thank you so much,
Lilly Cossio, Class of 2021

If you would like to explore our All Saints community further please don’t hesitate to be in touch.  I look forward to hearing from you.

Warm regards,

Heather Robinson
Director of Admissions

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