Moving Forward

Highlights of Moving Forward

  • All students in-person five days per week
  • Suspension of full remote learning option
  • Limited sharing of essential materials for learning and play managed by strict and regular cleaning protocols
  • Pizza Fridays will resume on October 1
  • Students can continue to order from Hoboken Hot Bagels and Alfalfa 
Preventative Measures
  • Masks: Students/staff masked indoors, unmasked outside
  • Distancing: 3 ft of space indoors for instructional time, 6ft of space indoors for eating
  • Screening: Daily protocols remain in place - home wellness assessment, temperature taking
Testing and Vaccination:
  • Testing will be conducted by Medicine Man Pharmacy
  • Vaccines still highly recommended, moving toward eventual mandate except in the case of lawful waivers
  • Modifications: Gym, Movement Space, and Media Commons re-opened for student activity

Digital Platforms & Technology

ZOOM. All classes will use Zoom as-needed for any synchronous learning experiences that do not occur face-to-face. Parents will use Zoom for communication with teachers and faculty. 
Seesaw. Students in Early Childhood and Lower Elementary will use Seesaw to access class materials and submit work as desired by the teacher. 

Each member of our community will have access to our brand new single sign-on system called Veracross. This platform displays on a user's phone, tablet, or computer. With one sign on, users will be able to see classes, grades, attendance, reports, school events, homeroom teacher blog pages, images, admissions portal, and much more. Veracross will now be the Learning Management System (LMS) for grades 2-8 and the schoolwide Student Information System (SIS).

Remote Learning Policy

All Saints Episcopal Day School values interpersonal relationships and the strong bonds that connect us as a community. We also hold that meaningful teaching and learning is best facilitated by physical presence, and the school leadership has taken great measures to ensure that all students are able to learn in person (except in cases of quarantine).

Remote Present: If a student is unable to attend school in person for at least five consecutive school days for a medical or other emergent reason, they may ask permission of the Division Head to have teachers provide “active remote access” to their classes for the affected period of time. In these instances, teachers will provide access to all classes via Zoom, engage with the online learner, and provide access to materials as appropriate. This designation will also be used if a class (or portion thereof) is placed on quarantine. Students will be officially marked “remote present.”  

Absent: For absences of four days or fewer (due to such things as high school placement appointments, minor medical ailments, family emergencies, waiting for test results, etc.) students have the option of “passive remote access” to ease the challenges of engaging in “catch up.” In these instances, teachers will provide a Zoom link for students to view the class, but they will not consistently engage with the online learner. Students will be officially marked “absent.”

Community Compact

By returning to school, parents, staff and students agree to abide by the school’s updated policies necessitated by COVID-19. As students, teachers, parents and staff will be members of one community, the behaviors of the individual have a direct impact on the well-being of the whole. To this end, parents, students (of appropriate age) and staff are asked to make a personal pledge to abide by all of the policies outlined in the school’s Moving Forward Plan.

While the school has undertaken reasonable steps to lessen the risk of transmission of COVID-19 in its facilities, parents and staff are advised that participation in the school's programs carries with it certain inherent risks related to COVID-19 transmission that cannot be eliminated regardless of preventative actions taken by the school and its staff.  This plan can only work if everyone does their part.

Thank you very much for your cooperation and support during these unprecedented times. We have every confidence that the strength of our community will carry us through this current crisis, and that together we will continue to honor the enduring truth that we are all one.

From the Head of School

August 2021

There’s no doubt about it - the COVID-19 health crisis has been a prolonged challenge impacting just about every aspect of community life.

I’m proud of the way our community responded to this deadly pandemic. The Leadership team designed comprehensive changes to the way we live and learn;  faculty members transformed the way they meet the needs of our students under our hybrid learning program; parents became at-home coaches assisting with their child’s remote educational experience; students became adept at toggling between in-person and remote instruction; and our Board of Trustees organized its leadership strategies to allow for effective management of both the immediate and long-term needs of our school.

As we approach the new school year, we have so much to be grateful for. Vaccines are now available for ages 12 and up, and all reports suggest that younger children will be able to be vaccinated in the near future. New treatments are available for those who contract the illness. And we have all learned to live with measures to keep ourselves safe. Despite these important developments, however, the COVID-19 virus remains a serious health concern that requires our continued vigilance. 

While the start of the year will contain many familiar elements, several key changes have been made. Parents and staff are asked to read this document carefully so that we all are aware of the guidelines that will shape our community life together. Any plan, no matter how comprehensive, will only work if everyone does their part.  As the old proverb states, “Sticks in a bundle cannot be broken.” 

While we expect changes to continue over the coming weeks and months, I have every confidence that our community will continue to rise to the occasion for the benefit of our hard-working and dedicated students.  Make no doubt about it, All Saints Episcopal Day School will get through this the way we make our make through all challenges - together!

Kind regards,
Jill Singleton
Head of School