Middle School (Grades 5-8)

Seventh Grade

Seventh Grade students are ready for more challenge and have many opportunities to learn from and grow in the community. Returning to Frost Valley with the Sixth Grade in the fall, students relish the opportunity to test out the Zipline. This experience, along with the other challenges at Frost Valley, provides students with a feeling of self-confidence and accomplishment. The year is marked by many exciting milestone projects, such as working with a variety of service organizations within Hoboken and completing an in-depth study of the founding leaders of the United States.

Seventh Grade students are granted given more leadership opportunities in our campus life and community projects. The level of teacher guidance provided on projects and assignments decreases as students grow in their independence, organization, and cognitive abilities. Giving them space and guidance to become responsible citizens is pivotal at this age as students begin the transition from childhood into adulthood. In the spring, students and parents also start to engage in the exciting process of high school exploration, which will begin in earnest at the beginning of Eighth Grade.