Middle School (Grades 5-8)

Sixth Grade

By Sixth Grade, students have firmly established themselves in the Middle School and are ready for new challenges. The year is an exciting one, beginning with an overnight trip to Frost Valley with the Seventh Grade in the fall. On this trip, students are encouraged to test their personal strength and courage by participating in a number of physical challenges such as "The Flying Squirrel," the climbing wall, and a number of low-ropes courses.

Throughout Sixth Grade, the students look at the struggles that individuals face, how they overcome those struggles, and how they use that knowledge to help others. This culminates in an exciting Turtle Club Breakfast, honoring those who, like sea turtles, persvere in the face of immense challenge. Sixth Grade is also a year where the students get to take many unique and interesting curriculum-related field trips. For example, they visit The Morgan Library in conjunction with their study of Medieval History, which is also the focus of their "exhibit" at the Living History Museum. As the students continue to mature and grow in their abstract thought, they begin to experience new activities and ideas on a daily basis.

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    Rebecca Van Loon 

    Middle School Humanities Teacher
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    Libby Vino 

    Middle School Math Teacher & IB Coordinator
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    Sal Silvestri 

    6-8 Science Teacher