Middle School (Grades 5-8)

Fifth Grade

In Fifth Grade, teachers work to transition students into Middle School. Students are excited to get their own lockers, to have their classes in a variety of locations, and to move independently throughout the building for classes. The key themes that are stressed during this important transition into Middle School are personal responsibility, time management, and self-control. As Fifth Graders embark on their Middle School journey, they soon discover how to keep their locker and binders organized, how to stay on track with various homework assignments and projects assigned by their teachers, and how to participate in lively class discussions and activities in a mature manner.

Preparing to lead their first parent-teacher conference in October is also a big milestone for students, as is participating in the Leadership Summit during Month of the Young Adolescent. Additionally, Fifth Graders have many opportunities to work and socialize with their older middle school peers, including through weekly Middle School Spirituality Gathering and activities such as student government, school dances, and clubs. Focusing on the human-animal bond, students work with partners to interview individuals about their pets and write chapbooks that feature a combination of research and annecdotes. These are presented at the Brad Ost Memorial Blessing of the Animals. The Fifth Grade students celebrate the end of a great year and the culmination of a variety of studies by visiting a working farm on their overnight trip in the Spring. During this trip, students learn important communication and team-building skills, which can be applied to real-life situations that may arise during their Middle School career.

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