Elementary School Division (Grades 1-4)

Second Grade

The Second Grade classroom at All Saints encourages children to learn in an environment where their natural curiosity and strong internal desire to discover and invent are supported.  Calm, industrious and determined, Second Graders are hard workers who are determined to do their best.  These seven-year-olds have transitioned from the social liveliness of First Grade and eagerly take on the new school challenges of Second Grade.  They love the routine and structure of school and appreciate their personal relationship with their teacher. In Second Grade, students begin to take pride in their independence and are required to take on increased responsibilities for classwork and homework.

As the seven-year-olds turn eight, they become more confident and respond well to class projects and traditions that build a sense of unity and cohesion.  They show a particular interest in studies of other cultures and stories that concern fairness and justice. Interested in classifying and discovering how things work, the Second Grade projects of studying and building bridges as well as learning about areas of the United States are a wonderful match for this age. Second Grade is a year where seven- and eight-year-olds truly practice working independently and cooperatively. As a result of well-developed relationships between teachers and parents, students develop the skills necessary to be responsible, self-directed learners who need minimal support to complete their projects and assignments.

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