Elementary School Division (Grades 1-4)

At All Saints Episcopal Day School, we believe that the elementary years lay the foundation for a fulfilling and rewarding life.  In First Grade, students transition from the Early Childhood to the Elementary Division. During the Elementary years, students continue to gain independence and take even more ownership of their own learning. Children learn best when they can find personal meaning in their study, so the curriculum includes a number of experientially based, hands-on learning activities and programs. Further, we believe that every individual – no matter how young – benefits from opportunities to give back to the community. All students at All Saints participate in a series of service learning projects and exercise their responsibility to the larger community. Finally, at All Saints we believe that children are spiritual beings and naturally question the nature of their existence and their place within the larger human family. We support important “spiritual conversations” in which children can share their thoughts and questions, and can understand their fundamental connection with children from the different faith backgrounds found in our community.
"All Saints has made me a better person. I have become confident and aware of the role that I play in our world.  All Saints children are able to learn and understand things that are quite advanced.  Even though the school may be small, it is the best school ever."  -Fourth Grade Student

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