Early Childhood Division


Four-year-olds are more independent than three-year-olds and enjoy socializing with their peers. Four-year-olds are interested in imitating the behavior of familiar adults, while still enjoy playing in groups of two or three children. Four-year-olds are beginning to make friends more easily and as a result sharing also becomes easier.

Four-year-olds are more expressive and love to talk, be spoken to and listen to stories. Their language has become more fluent and four-year-olds frequently ask “why.” They are interested in the world around them, often seeking to understand why things are happening, exploring the relationship between cause and effect. Four-year-olds use their imaginations to understand the world, thus making it difficult at times to accept the difference between truth and fiction. Our teachers are ready to challenge our busy four-year-olds as they happily explore the world around them. At All Saints, our Pre-Kindergarteners are learning to work together in preparation for the opening of their Post Office in May.

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    Allison Hrbek 

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    Evelyn Rivera 

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