Early Childhood Division


During the Nursery year, many students are entering school for the first time and are venturing outside of the safety of one’s family. Three-year-olds are nurtured by caring and compassionate educators who support each child’s individual social and emotional needs while helping them learn to become independent learners.

Three-year-olds are in transition, growing out of the toddler stage and into a new social world. They are learning to trust that important adults in their lives such as parents and teachers will care for them. This growing trust helps three-year-olds develop the confidence to become independent. Children at this developmental stage want the caring adults in their lives to notice new skills and abilities.

Play is the basis for discovery, reasoning, thinking and the development of important social skills. The play of a three-year-old is becoming more focused and children at this age begin to play quietly alone or in small groups. Three-year-olds are ready to use newly acquired language to express thoughts and ideas. While it may be difficult for three-year-olds to understand another person’s point of view, they can be empathetic and understanding when a peer is feeling upset, and teachers are well-prepared to use “teachable moments” to support the development of empathy. Three-year-olds love to engage in conversations with others. To promote this, Nursery students intervew different members of the school community to learn about their expanding world.

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    Mary  Errichiello 

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