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Early Childhood Overview

At All Saints, early childhood learning is a time for exploration and discovery. We use the Creative Curriculum for Preschool as the basis for our early childhood learning in grades Nursery (three-year-olds) and Pre-Kindergarten (four-year-olds). The Creative Curriculum is based on the belief that early childhood learning is best lived out in small, well-defined centers where children can work at their own pace and discover things in their unique way. A variety of learning centers and associated opportunities can be found in our Nursery and Pre-K classrooms. When children are given the freedom to experiment, to make mistakes, and then to learn from those mistakes, they are developing skills that will foster a lifetime of authentic and productive learning. When children play, they plan, create a focus, and strive toward a goal.  These behaviors are essential life and work skills. Working with blocks, sand or paint lays the foundation to develop important problem-solving, reading, math and science skills. We offer half-day Nursery and Pre-K programs in the morning and an optional Early Childhood Extended Day Program in the afternoon. (Note: Beginning in 2020-2021, Pre-K will become a full-day program, running from 8:30 AM to 3:00 PM and we will continue to offer an optional Extended Day Program for Nursery.)  Kindergarten students attend a full day of school.

"At All Saints our children are learning so much beyond their academics- they are learning to be good people.  There is a sub-plot to the academics that goes beyond the books- the students are able to think on their own and are encouraged to question things.  We are aligned with the school on this aspect and it is nice to all be on the same page."  -Nursery and First Grade parent

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