Strategic Planning

Strategic Visioning

Dear Families,

Members of the Board of Trustees are currently working on developing a Strategic Plan for All Saints Episcopal Day School, and we’ll be using this page to provide information to the community on our progress.

This process began during the 2018-2019 school year, in which we embarked on a strategic visioning process, gathering input from our key stakeholders via surveys and focus groups.

Through that input, we developed a vision statement, which can be found below.

All Saints Episcopal Day School: Where inspired academics fuel passion, purpose and action to honor the enduring truth that we are all one.

I like to consider this vision statement as our North Star. It’s where we’ll turn for guidance as we make decisions in the years to come. And it aligns perfectly with the School’s mission statement, which communicates our values so deeply.

The vision statement -- printed in the entryway of our School’s 707 Washington Street campus and at SNC – is truly impactful. I encourage you to read it the next time you enter our vibrant School. I am always invigorated when I walk into the building at 707 during a bustling school day and see those words on the wall above.

I hope you’ll find this page a valuable resource as we begin to form the School’s Strategic Plan, with this meaningful vision statement as our guide.

Please reach out with any questions about the Strategic Planning process:

Cassy Sommer
Chair, Board of Trustees
"To us, the vision statement represents the School's overarching work in helping to develop inclusive and thoughtful students who aim to excel wherever possible."
- Kelly Vassilakas, Sixth Grade parent