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  • Launching Our New “School Family” Program

    Jill Singleton | Volume: 8 Issue: 1 | Sept. 12, 2018
    For me, and I bet for many of you, All Saints is more than just a school - it’s a community, and an extension of the family. At All Saints, we have always enjoyed strong bonds of affection for one another, and our tight-knit community and warmth is often cited by parents, teachers, students, alumni, and even prospective families after visiting our school. Coretta Scott King said “The greatness of a community is most accurately measured by the compassionate actions of its members.” If such is the measurement of a community’s greatness, All Saints must indeed be considered great.

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  • Let’s Be All In for All Saints

    Guest Blog: Catherine Kelly, Annual Fund Co-Chair | Volume: 7 Issue: 15 | June 5, 2018
    It seems like just moments ago, our children started the 2017-2018 school year.  And now, here we are, already well into the first week of June, which is surely a crazy and exciting month for everyone.  While the last day of school is only a week away, I’d like to remind our All Saints families that The Fund for All Saints campaign does continue through the end of the month.  For those of you who have already made a gift to our amazing school - Thank You!  And if you haven’t had the opportunity to contribute, please strongly consider joining this important effort prior to June 30th.

    Please know that every gift counts. Regardless of size, each donation brings us that much closer to the ultimate goal of 100% parent participation.  Every donation truly matters. If the teachers and staff of All Saints can achieve a participation rate of 100%, then we, as parents, should certainly step up and do the same!

    Gifts to The Fund for All Saints can be made online or by check.
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    Guest Blog: Paul O’Dell, All Saints Golf Committee Chair | Volume: 7 Issue: 14 | May 16, 2018
    Please join us for the 8th annual Swing Fore the Schools on Thursday, June 7th at Crystal Springs Resort.  The golf outing, Hudson County’s biggest, brings together the larger Hoboken community in the support of our children.  The proceeds All Saints receives from the event benefit the school’s scholarship program.

    Enjoy an exciting day at a top-tier golf resort with friends, coworkers, customers or family.

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  • Students Organize Walkout for Columbine Anniversary

    Guest Blog: Sophie, Oona, and Gretchen, Seventh Grade| Volume: 7 Issue: 13 | April 25, 2018

    Note: I was so proud to participate in this student-run event. Seventh Grade students Oona, Gretchen and Sophie did a wonderful job organizing a meaningful morning for our Middle School. I was moved by the experience of walking in silence alongside such skilled and compassionate student leaders. I hope you enjoy their story and some pictures of the day. - Jill Singleton

    On April 20 at 11:30am we had a school walkout to honor the victims of the Columbine Shooting. We did this because we thought we should raise awareness about the problem of gun violence in schools. We believe that this is something that people should not have to think about and we need to make this known. We heard about all of these walkouts that were happening throughout America, and we then said that we should have a walkout.

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  • A Night on the Town While Supporting Our School

    Guest Blog: Becca Prasad, Spring Auction Chair | Volume: 7 Issue: 12 | April 18, 2018

    I am looking forward to seeing you on April 26 at our sold out(!) Spring Auction. The Auction Committee has worked hard to create an exciting and fun evening with our All Saints community…
    *We are in a new location this year, with great views of NYC and delicious food from Antique Bar & Bakery
    *Live guitar music by James Calleo
    *After Party DJ JP Lespinasse (an All Saints parent)!
    *Artist Ricardo Roig on hand selling his work with a portion of proceeds benefitting All Saints
    *Amazing new auction items: racing an America’s Cup, spa weekend in Greenwich, personal chef experience, socials, and so many more!
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  • Stewardship, Service and School Supplies

    Jill Singleton | Volume: 7 Issue: 11 | April 11, 2018
    This week we entered into our Spirituality theme of Stewardship and Service, which we continue through early May. During this time we are challenged to think about how our spiritual identities compel us to use our gifts and talents in service to others and the world. Events at school that highlight this theme include a variety of Earth-related projects and activities, as well as a school supply drive to benefit children at Amigo Guia, an afterschool program for underprivileged children in Sangolqui, Ecaudor that our Eighth Graders will visit as part of their student exchange program.
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  • The International Baccalaureate (IB) Community Project: Challenging Students to Make a Difference

    Jill Singleton | Volume: 7 Issue: 10 | March 7, 2018
    Spirituality lies at the heart of the All Saints mission statement, which includes the development of “a sense of spirituality through social action and service.” Our philosophy statement mentions a number of related beliefs about what children need to develop fully into people who will make the world a better place. We believe:
    • Children need opportunities to grow intellectually, artistically, emotionally, physically and spiritually
    • Cooperation and teamwork are key elements for personal development
    • Children can make a difference by giving of themselves to others
    • Self-awareness is essential to understanding our connections to our neighbors and our world
    • Education should instill an appreciation of and responsibility for the earth and all living things
    • Children are best served when families and schools work in partnership with one another
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  • Joining Heads in Speaking Out Against Gun Violence

    Jill Singleton | Volume: 7 Issue: 9 | Feb. 28, 2018
    This morning I added my name to a letter endorsed by a growing list of Heads of School in the Metropolitan area who are speaking out against gun violence. With so many Heads of School joining together around a single issue to have our voices heard, this historic letter implores our national leaders to exercise their power to enact laws and reforms that will address the rampant gun violence in our country.
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  • Becoming an IB School: How long will it take?

    Jill Singleton | Volume: 7 Issue: 8 | Feb. 14, 2018
    More than 30 parents gathered this week for a discussion about our school’s application to become an IB Middle Years Programme School, the first in a series of Coffee Chats we will be hosting over the course of the year. Two of the most burning questions were 1) How long will the process take, and 2) What will change for my child?
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  • Why We Are Becoming an IB Middle Years Programme School

    Jill Singleton | Volume: 7 Issue: 7 | Feb. 7, 2018
    At All Saints, we believe the aim of education is to change the world. We want our students to be able to make a positive difference – not at some point in the future, but now. Even students as young as three  years old can be empowered to make a difference, and can experience  the powerful connection between what we’re learning, and why we’re learning it.
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  • IB Programme: A Global Context for Teaching and Learning

    Jill Singleton | Volume: 7 Issue: 6 | Jan. 31, 2018
    There are many reasons All Saints is applying to become a recognized International Baccalaureate (IB) Middle Years Programme school. I will be sharing some of these reasons in a series of blogs over the next few months.

    One of the most telling and compelling aspects of the IB Programme is its Learner Profile, which I shared at our Annual Forum a few weeks ago. IB Learners are inquirers, knowledgeable, thinkers, communicators, principled, open-minded, caring, risk-takers, balanced, and reflective.
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  • The Parents’ Association Spreads Holiday Cheer

    Jill Singleton | Volume: 7 Issue: 6 | Jan. 10, 2018
    My family made the decision long ago that Christmas gifts are for children, and it’s a policy I have continued to embrace. That being said, I look forward to and LOVE receiving my PA gift each year, and I am always careful to spend it on something I would not otherwise purchase for myself. This year I was so happy to welcome a Dyson Ball Animal handheld vacuum cleaner into my home! With two dogs, two birds (and a husband!), this wonderful product allows me to keep my home sparkling clean and looking beautiful. Thank you for this wonderful gift.
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  • All In for All Saints

    Guest Blog: Cassy Sommer| Volume: 7 Issue: 5 | Jan. 3, 2018
    Let’s come together and do something remarkable.

    We know that daily life at All Saints Episcopal Day School consists of inspirational lessons, talented teachers, exceptional resources.

    But what some of us may not know is how vital The Fund for All Saints is to this meaningful daily academic life.  

    Gifts to the Annual Fund are necessary because tuition does not cover all of the options and support our children are currently receiving. The importance of this campaign cannot be overstated.
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  • Sharing Our Awe & Wonder

    Jill Singleton | Volume: 7 Issue: 4 | Dec. 13, 2017
    This year's Awe & Wonder season provided many opportunites for students and teachers to reflect on ways in which we are all a part of a wonder-filled world. From everyday sights and occurences, to extraordinary, awe-inspiring curiosities, each day provided fodder for our reverence and imaginations. Check out some sample student work below and get prepared to make room for your childhood sense of wonder to break through.
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  • The Power of Community – Join Us!

    Jill Singleton | Volume: 7 Issue: 3 | Nov. 29, 2017
    As always, the All Saints community was at the top of my Thanksgiving gratitude list, and this year my appreciation was even more keenly felt as a result of experiencing the Youth Rocks Out for Hurricane Relief concert held at St. Matthew’s Church on the Saturday before the big feast. Seeing our students share their talent as a way of helping others was absolutely moving. Together we raised $2,020 for Music Rising, an organization committed to reinvigorating music programs devastated by the hurricanes in Florida, Texas and Puerto Rico. Our students raised enough money to purchase five violins, two clarinets, one flute and one trumpet. The joy I felt  as the students performed underscored the powerful role music and the arts have to play in positively influencing personal, social and emotional well being.

    This year we are trying a new tradition - a Holiday Bake-a-Thon. The goal of this event is to leverage the power of our wonderful and generous community for the benefit of others. On Tuesday, December 19 at 1:00pm, we will gather at the St. Matthew’s parish hall and bake cookies and casseroles for the guests at their Lunchtime Ministry Program. If you are available that afternoon, please come prepared with some baking ingredients or pre-made dough. If you can’t come, don’t worry – there are still ways to help! You can send in baked goods, ready-to-bake cookie dough, or quick mixes for cookies and sweet breads. We hope those who are free will join us as we share some holiday cheer and put our skills to good use by bringing the joy of community to others. RSVP with Carrie Wachtler: cwachtler@allsaintsdayschool.org
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  • Kicking off Our Spirituality Program with Mitakuye Oyasin: We are all related.

    Jill Singleton | Volume: 7 Issue: 2 | September 20, 2017
    One of the things that impressed me most when I was considering the possibility of coming to serve at All Saints in 2004 was the school’s unofficial tagline, Mitakuye Oyasin – a Lakota expression that roughly translates “we are all related.”
    As we kicked off this year’s Spirituality Gathering on this same theme, I was touched to learn that Ms. Beesley had a similar experience when she was interviewing with our school.  Ms. Beesley has given me permission to share the story she told in our gathering this week.  I hope you enjoy it as much as I did!
    My intention this week is Mitakuye Oyasin: We are all related.  As I was thinking about what I was going say today the first thing that came to my mind is the song “We are the World.”  Maybe you have heard it?  It was written by Michael Jackson and Lionel Ritchie and performed by USA for Africa which was basically a group of something like 40 different musicians.
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  • A Vibrant Start to a New Year!

    Jill Singleton | Volume: 7 Issue: 1 | September 13, 2017
    The crisp fall air served as a fitting context for our joyful return to school. After a lovely, relaxing summer, it was wonderful to see so many happy faces return, and to welcome our new families. The revival of our Back-to-School BBQ was a big hit and earned rave reviews from students and families alike.

    One of the things I enjoy most about working in schools is the feeling of a clean slate in September – a sort of empty canvas on which the year’s “masterpiece” can unfold. And this year’s Arts Initiative, funded with proceeds raised at last year’s Spring Auction, is sure to yield quite a canvas!  Ms. Therres and others have done a wonderful job setting the stage for a rich year of learning and exploration. Our Summer Teacher Retreat got the creative juices flowing, and teachers are eager to experiment with ways in which the arts can enhance and enrich classroom learning.
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  • Eighth Graders Receive High School Acceptances

    Jill Singleton | Volume: 6 Issue: 20 | June 14, 2017
    Students and families approached the high school placement process with grace and great care, and the results are impressive. One student received a full merit based scholarship (St. Peter’s Prep), and four of our sixteen graduates will be the first All Saints alumni attending their respective high schools - three of which are boarding schools (EF Academy, The Pennington School, and West Nottingham Academy).

    Below is the full list of schools to which this year’s class was accepted (those indicated with an * denote a school that a graduate will attend next year):

    The Dublin School
    The Dwight School (NYC)
    EF Academy*
    Elisabeth Irwin High School (LREI)*
    Grace Church High School*
    High Tech High School*
    The Hudson School
    Léman Manhattan Preparatory School*
    Oratory Preparatory School
    The Pennington School*
    St. Benedict’s Preparatory School*
    St. Peter’s Preparatory School*
    Seton Hall Preparatory School*
    West Nottingham Academy*
    Xavier High School*
    York Preparatory School
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  • Guest Blog: Calling All Golfers!

    Paul O’Dell | Volume: 6 Issue: 19 | May 24, 2017
    Please join us for the 7th annual Swing Fore the Schools on Thursday, June 8th at Crystal Springs Resort.  The golf outing, Hudson County’s biggest, brings together the larger Hoboken community in the support of our children.  The proceeds All Saints receives from the event benefit the school’s scholarship program.

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  • Our Arts Initiative - Full STEAM Ahead!

    Jill Singleton | Volume: 6 Issue: 18 | April 12, 2017
    “Oh I wish the wind was blowing,” remarked a young boy no more than seven as he walked by our new student-created kinetic sculptures on the fence at 707 Washington Street. And with that he made his best attempt at getting the 3’x3’ sculptures made out of plastic bottles, bottle caps, aluminum cans and other recycled materials to move by the power of his own supply of personal “wind.”

    When the sculptures were hung on Friday, the wind was in full force and all of the art pieces were dancing and moving in accordance with the design-thinking of the Sixth Grade students who created them under the guidance of Artist in Residence Ben Pranger.  This 11-week STEAM (Science Technology Engineering Arts and Math) workshop used nature as inspiration for the beautiful works of art that were created.
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