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  • Students Tackle the Problem of Cigarette Butts on Our Streets

    Have you ever wondered why cigarette butts escape the litter laws, and it appears socially acceptable to just stamp out your cigarette and leave the butt on the sidewalk, street, boardwalk, or wherever people happen to hang out and smoke? Well, our Middle School students have, and they’re not content to just wonder – they’re doing something about it!

    “People don’t think it’s that big of a deal,” Eighth Grader, Connor, shared about the issue. “But it’s a huge deal and it’s important and it’s very dangerous for the environment.” When asked what students hope will happen as a result of their work, Eighth Grader Diana said, “I hope we will raise awareness of the issue for the benefit of this generation and for generations to come.”
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  • Safety First – At School and At Home

    In January, 2009, I remember being riveted along with so many of you when Captain Chesley B. “Sully” Sullenberger made an emergency landing of US Airways Flight 1549 into the Hudson River following bird strikes that rendered both of his engines dead. The event, which quickly came to be known as “the Miracle on the Hudson,” earned Captain Sully immediate fame and respect from all corners of the world. I will never forget the answer Captain Sully gave in response to the question, “What advice can you give for being prepared for an airline emergency?” His answer – “Wear a sturdy pair of shoes.” I’ve thought about this advice often, and indeed make sure I always travel in shoes that will allow me to run or move about with ease, and can’t help but notice seeing how many people opt for slippers, flip flops or other comfortable shoes when traveling.
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  • Amusement Park Challenge

    On Thursday, October 1 the Fifth Grade partipcated in the Amusement Park Challenge Workshop presented by Innovators Inc. to introduce the concepts of invention, innovation, ideation, engineering, teamwork, time and budget constraints. Students worked in teams of three or four to complete the challenge of designing, building and demonstrating a fantastic, new amusement or game. Each student used recyclable materials to bring their amusement part ride to life.  In addition they also used a variety of electronics, including batteries, motors, buzzers, and LED lights.  
  • Liberty Science Center Comes to All Saints

    Liberty Science Center visited Second Grade last week for a special workshop about rocks.  Students learned about sedimentary, igneous, and metamorphic rock, and then conducted an experiment to see how sedimentary rock fizzles when it comes in contact with an acid (in this case, lemon juice).  Students also got to make their own sedimentary rocks to take home.    
  • All Saints Launches Hoboken's First Schoolwide Composting Program

    Students and teachers alike are super excited about being the first school in Hoboken to engage in a schoolwide composting program. For the past several years, many of our classrooms have had worm bins for "vermicomposting," but the organic waste produced in our school is more than our worms can process.  We are thrilled to be partnering with the Community Compost Company for our new schoolwide program and are inviting families to join us in this effort by signing up for residential composting.  For information on registering, visit https://www.communitycompostco.com/  


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  • Oct

    Week of Respect

  • Oct

    Third Grade to Tenafly Nature Center

  • Oct

    Grade 4: Trip to Sandy Hook

  • Oct

    Parent Lecture with Dr. Golden

    at SNC in the Movement Space
  • Oct

    Liberty Science Center presentation for Grade 1; Flo Motion

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